Eaves of a Building Need Bird Spikes

Eaves of a Building Need Bird Spikes

Posted on June 1, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Spikes

Eaves are the portion of the roof that hangs over the building.  The eaves purpose is to protect the sides of the building.  It stops debris from sliding off the roof and from attaching to the side of the structure.  They have a unique purpose and there are different architectural styles.  Most eaves are built with a very straight forward and simple design while others can be quite ornate.  Eaves that are boxed in hide the rafters and attach to the building with the same angel as the roof.  Soffited eaves have a soffit board which will cover and connect the rafters to the overhang of the eave in a perpendicular fashion to the side of the building.  Abbreviated eaves cut off at an almost 90 degree angle to the side of the structure. 

What all eaves have in common, whether plain or ornate, is pest bird susceptibility.  Unprotected eaves leave the underside of the roof exposed and visible.  The eaves of a building are the perfect spot for a pest bird hide away from their predators and to nest and raise their young.  It does not matter if the location is on a government building, and mansion, apartment building, residential home or an historic building.  The way to keep the birds away is to implement a type of bird control strategy such as bird spikes.

It is imperative to stop the roosting and nesting behavior to protect the eave area and anything below it.  The droppings and debris are not only damaging to the structure but they are hazardous to humans.  The droppings are also and eye sore.  It does not give a good impression when bird feces are seen on the walkways and on the sides of the buildings.  The droppings are very acidic and over time will damage the stucco, wood, aluminum, paint, cement and metal, almost every type of structure known.  The droppings also carry over 60 known transmittable diseases as well as insects, mites and bedbugs.  This type of problem does not need to exist.

To get rid of the birds, installing a bird control strategy is essential.  If you are a home owner, business owner or facilities manager, there are reputable bird control companies that can help guide you to the best bird control method for your problem.  There are many options to choose from for the eaves.  Some options include bird spikes, shock tracks, bird slopes and bird netting.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are one of the best options to protect the eaves of the building.  There are plastic bird spikes and stainless steel.  When aesthetics are a concern, plastic bird spikes come in a variety of colors, tan, white, black brown, grey, brick red and crystal clear.   They are easily glued down or screwed down on any surface.  Plastic bird spikes are also non-conductive.  They will not interfere with electrical or communication transmissions.  Plastic bird spikes are also U.V. protected, sun and weather proof.  The plastic bird spikes are as tough as the stainless steel bird spikes, but they are half the price, and just as effective.  The bird spikes work by creating an uneven surface that the birds will not want to land on.  This will force them to move on to a different location.  Bird spikes do not harm the birds at all.  The ends of the spikes are blunt, which aids the installer as well.

Bird control does not need to be difficult.  Most products are as easy to install as the bird spikes and are also just as cost effective.