Effective, affordable and easy to use bird control products

Effective, affordable and easy to use bird control products

Posted on October 18, 2016 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Deterrents

It does not matter if it is pigeons making themselves at home on the rooftop, or swallows building nests under the eaves of the home, or even geese gathering together for a family meal out of the lawn, there is a bird control product that will stop them from damaging your property. Nuisance pest birds can be destructive.

Birds such as crows, gulls, pigeons, swallows and sparrows are considered nuisance birds. The droppings they leave behind not only spread diseases, but they can stain building materials and erode what they have landed on in not time. This does not need to occur as there are many bird control products that are affordable and easy to use that will deter the pest birds and other nuisance critters from destroying your property.

Bird control is needed for problem birds in residential areas as well as businesses. The hazardous droppings will cause issues in food processing plants, storage facilities and restaurants. Fines and even closure of businesses is at jeopardy if the bird issues are not controlled. Cost of cleaning up the droppings can be enormous. There are many potential liabilities for businesses caused by an infestation of birds.

In order to get rid of birds and their problems, connect with an expert who is trained to deal with the bird population and the known problem areas. There are areas that are more susceptible to being targeted by the pest bird. The eaves of a building are quite vulnerable. This area offers relief from the weather, but also a hideout from predators. Bird B Gone offers many products that address specific bird problems.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are available in both polycarbonate and stainless steel. Plastic (polycarbonate) spikes are available in an array of colors which makes them virtually invisible from the ground. Stainless steel bird spikes are made with a U.V. protected polycarbonate base. There are Mega spikes that are for larger birds such as raptors, vultures and seagulls. Gutter spikes are specifically manufactured to fit in all gutters.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is very versatile. It is an ideal bird control strategy that blocks the birds from specific areas. Bird netting is available in a heavy-duty knotted and no-knot version. It is strong enough to keep all bird species away from the area where the netting is installed. It is available in three colors which helps its invisibility factor where aesthetic appeal is important.

Bird netting is used to protect orchards, gardens and many vineyards. There are different mesh sizes and most netting can be cut down to any size.

Visual Bird Deterrents

Visual bird deterrents are a great place to start. They are also the least expensive form of bird control. There are Bird B Gone Scare Diverters that can be hung in trees, eaves, patio coverings or any overhang. Bird B Gone Scare Balloons are also a quick and economical way to keep birds away from trees, docks, balconies and gazebos. They deter both the small and large pest birds.

Bird Repellents

There are liquid bird repellents that can be sprayed on the grassy areas to keep geese away. There is bird gel that will keep birds from landing on the window sill or any other flat surface. The liquid repellents are non-toxic and do not harm the birds.

Implementing any of these affordable and easy to use bird control products will protect your home and business from structural damage from the bird’s droppings and costly clean up. There are bird control experts who can help guide you to the best product for your individual needs.