Electronic Bird Deterrents Scare Pest Birds Away

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Electronic Bird Deterrents Scare Pest Birds Away

Posted on September 9, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Sound Bird Deterrents

Bird deterrent technology has come a long way.  There are better ways to get rid of birds than firing BB guns into the air or banging pots and pans together to make loud noises to scare them away.   There are a few very effective electronic bird deterrent devices that will rid the property of birds, and a device that will get rid of other pests as well.

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Scare Birds Away?

First, be sure to research the effects of ultrasonic devices before making your purchase.  Ultrasonic bird deterrents are ineffective against most pest birds. Although some bird species may hear ultrasonic sounds, there is no scientific evidence that suggest these ultrasonic frequencies deter those species. 

Birds generally hear on the same audible sound frequencies as people. For this reason, electric sound deterrents are recommended to focus on audible bird distress calls and predatory recordings. 

Electronic Bird Deterrents that Work

Sound bird deterrent devices that use sounds to scare birds away will get rid of multiple pest birds from large open spaces such as large backyards, greenbelts, parks, golf courses, loading docks, sports fields  and the likes.  

The Bird Chase Super Sonic can be programmed for birds such as pigeons, gulls, grows, starlings, woodpeckers, grackles and sparrows.  This bird deterrent device can be programmed to broadcast distress and predator calls from over 22 types of birds.  There are specific specie settings, but there is also a general setting if you are unsure what bird is causing all the problems.  The recorded distress and predator calls of actual birds are played every ten minutes.  The bird’s natural response when hearing the calls will be to flee the area.  The draw back would be using the product in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is made for large open spaces and if you were to play this day and night in a small backyard, the neighbors might catch on and complain about the bird noises you are producing in order to get rid of the real birds.

Other bird deterrent devices might work better in a smaller area such as the Sonic Shield Pest Deterrent.  This product targets a particular area.  It works when a pest bird or other pests get in line with its motion sensor.  The bird or pest will trigger the sensor and then produce a dog’s bark and flashing LED lights.  Many people use the product on balconies or enclosed patios where birds and squirrels and raccoons are a problem.  Other’s put this on the side of the house near the trash cans where the raccoons, rats or other pests can be a nuisance.  Again, this could be a nuisance to neighbors if not used correctly.  You want to make sure to use the daytime mode and nighttime mode at the correct times.  The daytime mode uses both the sounds of a barking dog and the flashing LED lights.  Nighttime mode only uses the flashing light as a deterrent.

Electric Bird Deterrent Track - Jolt Track

There are electronic bird deterrent devices that do not use sound at all.  There is a very low profile product that many businesses utilize to protect their company signs, rooftops, ledges, eaves, any flat or curved surface.  It is an electrical track system.  This system produces a mild electrical shock when the birds try to land on its surface.  It will not harm the birds, but is a very effective behavior modification that will keep the birds away from the area.  It is effective for both smaller and larger birds.  It comes in various colors to go along with the aesthetics of the building.

There are choices to be made when it comes to deciding what bird control product best fits your surroundings.  Create and pros and cons list for the products. There is advice from the experts at your asking.  Find a company that will provide advice, installation services as well as training and will assist you with the choice and use of electronic bird deterrent devices.