Fruit Tree Netting  Humane Way to Deter Pest Birds

Fruit Tree Netting Humane Way to Deter Pest Birds

Posted on June 19, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Summertime peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines are delicious. It takes some knowledge to grow this type of fruit. You need to understand the requirements of the tree and what type of soil is best. They take proper watering and irrigation and a good layer of mulch around the bottom of the tree helps in moisture conservation and it also enhances the soil conditions. Summertime is also bird pest control time. Fruit tree netting is a necessity for growing the juicy and delicious produce along with watering and soil requirements.

There is also something called June drop when the crops are naturally thinned by nature. This is when fruit trees naturally shed some of their immature fruits. Only about one bloom in twenty is needed for a good crop on a full-blossoming tree. Some growers use eco-friendly oils for bugs and diseases that the trees may catch, so why not use fruit tree netting so the birds cannot get after those precious blooms or the ripening fruits. You do not want the birds thinning your trees on top of the natural occurrence of the June drop.

Starlings, for example, are aggressive and bold scavengers that will go after peaches, berries and tomatoes. They have a keen sense of smell and will find their way to these plants quickly. They might share this information with their friends the grackles, House Sparrows and Common Crows. They are known to form communal roosts. The roosts can be as large as 10,000 birds at one time. The nibbling on the fruit, along with their weight on the branches and do not forget about their droppings, will kill even mature trees.

Fruit Tree Netting

The fruit trees need to be protected from the damaging pest birds. Bird control products such as fruit tree netting needs to be put into place. Fruit tree netting is a great physical barrier that will stop their access to the tree. They will not be able to eat the fruit or roost in its branches. Vineyards often use bird netting to protect the grapes. The netting is durable and easy to install. Bird netting is practically invisible when installed correctly.

Visual Bird Deterrent

A visual bird deterrent such as flash tape or a diverter can be hung right near the areas where the pest birds might congregate near the trees and can be hung on the trees as well. Visual bird deterrents work well alongside the fruit tree netting or any other type of bird control product. The diverters appeal to the birds visual senses by confusing and frightening the pest bird with its shiny reflective surface and the predator markings that the bird sees. They will want to avoid the area and move to friendlier ground.

Both bird deterrent products complement each other and both are safe and humane for humans, domestic animals and even the intended target, the pest birds. There are many other bird deterrent products that will work in both backyards and large crops. There are sound deterrents and other physical and visual deterrents to choose from.