Garden Bird Netting – A Good Solution

Garden Bird Netting – A Good Solution

Posted on May 3, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Netting

Spring gardens - here they come. The months of winter are behind and new vegetation is beginning to grow. Spring officially begins with the vernal equinox. For those who garden and work with large crops this means growth and bounty and nature’s regeneration. It also means the birds are out in full force looking for food and places to nest and roost.

Garden Bird Issues

Sometimes protecting the garden each year from pest birds feels like a battle. Birds are roosting in the trees surrounding the backyard and they are on the patio coverings, roof ledges and they lunge down to nibble on the vegetable plants, berry bushes and the ripening fruits that are starting to grow in the garden. There are ways to temporarily scare them away. Squirting them with water when you are outside watering will send them flying, but only briefly. Finding the right type of bird control to keep them away does not need to be difficult. But it is necessary. Not only will they damage your garden, but they will wreak havoc on your entire property. The will leave behind their droppings that will damage structures and sidewalks. Their droppings are very acidic at eat through and ruin cement, paint, machinery and the rooftop and patio furnishing.

The Solution – Garden Bird Netting

Birds forage for food during the day and roost at night. Once they find a good spot, they will stick around, and begin inviting their friends to roost with them. Protecting your property is critical. Using deterrents to stop them from roosting and nesting is needed.
Birds roost in trees. Trees can be protected by a physical bird deterrent. A physical bird deterrent is a bird control method that creates a barrier so the birds cannot perch or roost. Garden bird netting is a bird barrier that can be placed over the tree so the birds cannot hide within the branches and leaves. When the netting is installed correctly it is virtually invisible. If would be a great advantage to have fruit trees secured with the bird net.
Another area around the home that the pest bird may hide at night is under the eaves of the home. It is a notorious area that pest birds love to roost and nest. Bird netting can be installed here to keep them out of the eaves.

Garden bird netting can safely and humanely prevent the pest birds from getting at your entire garden. When applying garden bird netting to the actual garden, it is best if the netting is suspended over the garden area by at least four inches. Each plant can be wrapped individually with the net, but it is better protected by suspending it over the entire area. This will keep all birds out, even the ones who may sit on the bird netting and poke its beak through to get at the vegetation. To suspend the bird netting over the garden plants, you place poles around the perimeter of the garden. The netting can be attached to the poles using hooks, net clips or a staple gun.

It is a good idea to cover all areas around the yard, not just the garden itself. Garden bird netting is a very economical, extremely humane, and a very safe and simple way to exclude the pest bird from the property. This will allow your garden to flourish.