Garden Bird Netting Protects Your Bounty

Garden Bird Netting Protects Your Bounty

Posted on May 4, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Just about everyone likes birds. They are delightful to watch and often times we want to feed them. Many people purchase very decorative bird feeders and it becomes a major attraction in the backyard. If you do not have a garden or fruit trees or berry plants, then a garden feeder will do no harm. But if you are trying to grow a garden and fruit trees and plants, then birds are an issue and garden bird netting will help you achieve the goal of a bountiful garden.

When bird control such as garden bird netting is not installed, then the birds will more than likely get to your blueberry bushes before you do. They will strip the cherries from your cherry tree, and forget about making strawberry short cake because the strawberries will be gone. Birds are also problematic to your vegetable gardens. Thankfully, garden bird netting and other bird control products will stop them from eating out of your backyard garden.

Garden bird netting is very efficient and easy to use. It is the perfect physical barrier that will block birds from the unwanted area. Garden bird netting is made of a very lightweight mesh net. Mesh sizes for garden bird netting is and . It is sold in two roll sizes, 14' x 100' and 14' x 200'. The netting is made from a durable, U.V. protected polypropylene. The netting comes in the rolls and it can then be cut down to the needed size.

Garden bird netting can be used to wrap individual plants, but it is best to suspend the netting over the entire garden patch to create a roof made of the netting. It can be attached to posts set up around the perimeter of the area. Ran, sunshine and air can still circulate easily through the netting and does not harm the health of the plants.

As well, individual plants and bushes can be wrapped with the netting. You can completely wrap a berry blueberry bush or an entire tree can be wrapped with the netting. You simply measure the circumference of the bush or tree and cut accordingly, making sure to add an additional 1 foot. The netting is then secured using twine, hog rings or zip ties.

Garden bird netting will be virtually invisible. The birds will know it is there, however, because they will try, by will not be able to gain access the any bounty that the garden creates. Birds can sometimes be relentless. It is always a good idea to use another type of bird control method to ensure they leave the area entirely. Bird spikes up on the roof top edge will keep the birds off the buildings and looking down onto the plants. There are also visual bird scares that can be hung in trees or added to the posts that the garden bird netting is attached to.

Garden bird netting is a gardeners best friend. There is nothing worse than working hard on your garden and having nothing to show for it but bird droppings left behind by the feathered foe.