Garden Netting Brings Peace to Your Backyard

Garden Netting Brings Peace to Your Backyard

Posted on June 20, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

The word summer conjures up many visions in your mind: reading a good book with a glass of cold iced tea in the backyard. Watching children splash and swim in the pool, and watching a beautiful sunset sitting in the hammock with a loved one. Sitting and enjoying the flourishing garden. The thoughts that are usually far from the mind are about the pest birds that love this time of year also. Garden netting might not cross your mind until it is too late and the thieves have ruined the garden. The pest birds have been pretty quiet through winter, and springtime brings about a lot of activity, but summer is when they are in full bloom just like the sunflowers. Pest birds such as the pigeons, sparrows, robins and starlings love to spend time in your yard, too. They will especially be delighted if you have seeds or fruits they can eat on. They will also be happy to bathe in your warm pool. Most people have been taught to share, but this is one time where there is no need to share. Also, it could be costly, in more ways than one, sharing the close space with pest birds and their waste.

Garden Netting

The droppings left behind by the pest bird are capable of causing a large range of diseases in humans. Some make you sick while others could be potentially fatal. Pigeons and other pest birds are known to carry more than 60 different diseases. The risk to health is coupled with the damage to the structures around the home as well as in the garden. Garden netting is used around the home as well as for protection of the plants. Pigeons can be very destructive to your rooftop. Before garden netting or other bird control products and applied it is necessary to properly clean and sanitize the area. There are hospital grade cleaners that are sold at pest bird control companies specifically for this purpose.

Once you are ready to implement bird control products, it should be easy and quick. Garden netting can be suspended over the entire garden area, or a plant or fruit tree can be wrapped individually. Garden netting can also be used in the eave areas. The eaves are an area around the home that desperately needs bird control products installed. This is the place where birds want to both roost and nest. It is hidden from the weather elements and also a perfect hideout from predators. Garden netting can also be used in garages and balconies, barns and even chicken pens.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are another bird control product that keeps bird out of an area. Bird spikes create an uneven surface that birds cannot land on. Bird spikes are ideal for rooftops to keep the pigeons away. Like garden netting, bird spikes will keep birds away and that means keeping their droppings away also. Pigeons are building dwellers, but they will dip down into your yard and scrounge for food. By taking away their vantage point into your yard, they will move on and find another area more feasible to them.

Both garden netting and bird spikes are safe and humane. There are also visual bird control products that are safe, and go well with the netting and spikes and create a very effective way to keep birds away.