How to Keep Birds Away from your Home

How to Keep Birds Away from your Home

Posted on May 10, 2014 by Terri Anne Meyer in Bird Deterrents

Who doesn't like the sight of a humming bird taking nectar from a flower or the sound of birds chirping on a warm spring morning? Some of us even invite birds to our yards with birdbaths, feeders and houses. But does that mean we want them to stay as permanent house guests? Most birds that are found in our yards each year do not cause any issues to the well being of our home and yard; it is the pest birds that decides to roost and nest on our homes that we need to learn how to keep birds away.How to keep birds away from your home can be a confusing task if you do not know some simple information to make an educated decision. A pest bird is any bird that is causing damage or a health risk to you, your home and your pets. Usually the most common pest birds are pigeons, crows, gulls and sparrows. They like to roost and build nests on homes for many reasons; shelter and shade, lack of predators and often a food source.

Simple Steps to Keep Birds Away from your Home

1. Look around your house and see if there are areas that birds would like to roost or build a nest. Usually these can include gutters, window ledges, under eaves, on chimneys or beside chimneys and any other nook or cranny that provides shelter and protection.
2. Once you have located the areas that birds like on your home, do something to make them not like it!
3. Install some sort of bird control product to keep the birds away from your home.

Using these easy steps you can decide the best method to keep birds away from your home. Are you going to install some sort of bird control product or just make changes in the area where the birds are a problem?

Choosing the Right Bird Control Product

If the birds are landing on a flat surface such as a ledge, roof edge or patio cover, installing bird spikes can be the easiest, cost effective and effective way to keep birds away from your home. The spike strips create an uneven landing area that makes it virtually impossible for larger birds like pigeons and gulls to land. The bird spikes come in plastic and stainless steel and are easily installed using glue or screws. Bird-B-Gone bird spikes come in narrow (3"), wide (5") and extra-wide (8") widths for all size applications.

If pest birds are landing on wide-open areas like patio furniture or canvas covers, installing bird spiders can keep pest birds away from your outdoor living areas. The Bird Spider 360 has 8 arms that rotate and wiggle with the breeze to create an areas where birds cannot land. The Bird Spider 360 comes in four sizes 2', 4', 6' and 8' diameters. They are made of stainless steel arms attached to a U.V. protected polycarbonate base. Each "arm" of the bird spider is fitted with a polycarbonate tip to assist in movement and prevent scuffing. A locking mechanism keeps Bird Spider 360 attached to the base while spinning.

With a little planning and effort it should be easy to keep birds away from your home this Spring and Summer. As simple as installing a bird control product that keeps the birds at bay will keep your home bird free for years to come.