How to keep small birds from eating your garden

How to keep small birds from eating your garden

Posted on April 12, 2016 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Small birds such as the sparrow and Common Starling will cause big problems in your garden and around your property if you do not deter them appropriately. You may have heard that bird spikes are an excellent bird deterrent method for home and business, but you may not know that the spikes are a fantastic method, when big birds are an issue. Bird spikes are a superior form of bird control for pigeons, gulls, crows and other large birds. Smaller birds, however, are deterred differently.


Sparrows are found where humans are found, near buildings, homes and any reliable food source. Sparrows will be attracted to your garden. If they are allowed to nest in and around your home, they will be a problem for you garden. Sparrows are known to nest in spring and summer, perfect garden weather, and will choose holes in the home, attic and rooftops and in nearby bushes.

To keep them from nesting in the bushes you could treat the bushes with Transparent Bird Gel. It is a very low profile method and will last outdoors for up to six months. Bird gel can actually be applied to any horizontal service where the birds often land. It is effective by creating a sticky surface that the birds do not like. Bird gel can be installed instantly and will work immediately. It is virtually invisible as well. Only the bird will know it is there.


Starlings are ground forages and they will be instantly attracted to your berries and seeds. Starlings are one of the most familiar birds in city areas. They gather in large numbers to feed and roost in buildings and trees. They may find your tree at home, especially if it is near their feeding ground. They will also find their way to your garage to roost and nest in the rafters or beams. Smaller birds will often find their way to your eaves. By keeping them off of your home and out of your trees, it will keep them away from your garden.

Visual and sound deterrents are other methods that work on small pest birds such as starlings. Visual deterrents are objects that will frighten the pest bird away when they see it. Holographic flash tape is a type of visual deterrent. It is designed from commercial-grade Mylar. The birds respond in fear when they see the shiny reflective tape swaying in the breeze. It also makes a crinkling sound and works as a sound deterrent. Other visual deterrents include Hawk Decoys, Predator Eye Balloons and Reflective Eye Diverters. They can all be used around the home or right there in the garden.

To protect the garden outright from smaller pest birds, garden bird netting is needed. Bird control experts highly recommend netting as one of the most effective forms of bird control. The bird mesh creates a physical barrier that keeps the birds from getting at the garden plants, berry bushes and even fruit trees. It also will not interfere with the growth of the garden. It is a low cost and a low profile solution that keeps your garden flourishing. Each plant can be covered with the netting, or netting can be suspended over the entire garden area. Use the smaller mesh such as the ¼” mesh size for the smaller bird issues. Installation is easy. The mesh is available in bulk rolls or piece sizes. It is easily cut to any size that is needed.

There are many uses for bird netting as well as the other visual and gel deterrents. Netting can be used to protect the eaves. Many large warehouses use netting to keep the birds out of the rafters. Netting is used for grape vineyards as well. It is very versatile.