How to Reduce Bird Nuisance in Your City

How to Reduce Bird Nuisance in Your City

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Fran Prisco in Bird Control

The city is a place where diverse groups all congregate to live and work. One of these groups includes city-dwelling birds. While the birds have a place in the city and deserve to be treated humanely, they can cause quite a bit of trouble to both the people and the structures. It is always best to be proactive in dealing with nuisance animals and work to stop problems before they start. Fortunately, there are products available that you can purchase and install that effectively address the nuisance caused by city-dwelling birds in a safe, cost-effective, and humane manner.

Solar Panel Bird Deterrents

If your city is energy conscious and you utilize solar panels, you will probably find that the area underneath them is a perfect place for nesting birds. While the birds and eggs are nice and toasty from the warming of the solar array, they also make a huge mess, and cause damage to the solar array.

With a solar panel bird deterrent kit, you will be able to provide a safe barrier to keep birds from nesting under the arrays. Additionally, you will also protect your wiring and other portions of the system from damage caused by birds. Each kit will cover a standard 3 kW system. The installation of the bird deterrent materials is done in a way to protect the integrity of the solar panel without unnecessary damage.

Bird Spikes

While it can be a hallmark of city life to see birds lining the edges of the buildings, it can also be a real nuisance when the droppings litter the buildings, sidewalks, and fall on the people underneath. The bird droppings are also extremely unhygienic. It takes quite a bit of money to keep the buildings and sidewalks clean, so why not direct that money towards investing in humane and effective bird spikes?

Bird spikes may sound a little scary, but in reality, they are a humane way to prevent large birds from landing on the flat or curved surfaces of buildings, bridges, and more by eliminating even surfaces for landing. Bird spikes come in a few different options, including the following:

  • Plastic spikes (in a variety of colors)
  • Stainless steel spikes
  • Gutter spikes
  • Girder spikes
  • Mega spikes

Bird spikes are a great way to prevent nuisance birds such as pigeons, gull and crows from inhabiting heavily populated areas of your city.

Electric Tracks

When birds set up shop around your city, you can be sure that the consequences will include costly repair and clean up to air conditioning units, roofing materials, skylights, signs, and more.

A great way to remedy the damage done by birds is to use an electric track bird deterrent to modify the behavior of the birds and teach them to nest in more appropriate places. Electric tracks are secured with industrial-strength glue to ledges, roofs, rooflines, parapet walls, eaves, and many other flat or curved surfaces. When the birds try to land on the surface of the track, a small shock is delivered. This is completely humane as the birds are not harmed by the shock but are deterred from landing there again.

When it comes to electric track systems, the Bird Jolt Flat Track Kit contains the only anti-arcing designed in the industry, making them the premier tracks in safety and functionality in the industry.

Sound Deterrents

Probably one of the more unique ways to deal with these nuisance animals in the city is to use birds to deter birds. While it may sound a bit odd, we have discovered that by using the natural sounds birds make to defend territories, give out distress calls, and signal themselves as predators, nuisance birds can easily be managed.

Sound bird deterrents work to deter nuisance birds in large areas such as rooftops, large garden or park areas, or other expansive city areas where birds may be a problem. The sounds emitted are not ultrasonic and high frequency, which can annoy other animals, pets, or super-eared humans, but are inherent bird sounds that blend in with the natural environment.

The sound bird deterrents we sell at Bird B Gone are easy to use and versatile. They can be set to scare off a specific bird or placed on a general setting to affect all birds. The bird predator and distress calls are repeated every 10 minutes. Additionally, the device can be programmed to turn on or off at night.

City Management

Managing a city to ensure the buildings, sidewalks, parks, and other public places are free from damage, mess, and health hazards caused by birds can be difficult, but using the products mentioned will make it easy to deter nuisance birds in a humane, cost-effective manner.