How to Safely and Humanely Get Rid of Birds

How to Safely and Humanely Get Rid of Birds

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

A plan to get rid of birds that are interfering with your garden and around your property whether it is residential or business does not need to be hurtful to the pest birds.  Birds only do what nature intended them to do.  Survive by hiding away from their predators, foraging for food and proliferation.  A home garden is an ideal source of food for the birds and other pests. 

Bird barriers help to get rid of the birds from consuming your produce in your garden. Bird netting is one type of very low profile and effective measure of barring the birds from an area.  Using bird netting in the garden is a tried and true type of bird barrier.   The netting is very lightweight and easy to install for any backyard gardener.  It is long lasting outside because it is treated with U.V. protected polypropylene. There are different mesh sizes to choose from depending on the type of bird that needs to be denied access.  Protecting fruit trees is as simple as measuring the circumference of the tree, then cutting the mesh an extra foot all the way around.  The bird netting is then secured to the tree using twine, hog rings, or zip ties.  It is virtually invisible when installed correctly.

Protecting blueberry and other berry bushes and miscellaneous garden plants with bird netting is just as easy to install.  It is recommended to suspend the bird netting using poles placed around the area that needs defending. The netting should be at least four inches above the plants.  This still gives the gardener easy access to the plants for pruning and picking the berries and vegetables. Many vegetable plants can be wrapped individually as well.  It depends how large the garden area is as to which way to protect the plants, suspension or wrapping them individually.  If there are only a few plants, wrapping them individually is the easiest.  If the area is rather large, creating suspended bird netting protection would be more practical.

Bird spikes are another form of a bird barrier that would help get rid of birds and protect the garden.  Pest birds are known to perch and roost and usually perch and roost near a food source.  It is common to see birds perching and roosting in trees and ledges near fast food restaurants.  The pest birds learn quickly that food left on the ground is near and plentiful.  The same holds true for the backyard garden.  With the bird netting is in place over the plants it would be valuable to also protect the ledges on the patio covering or roof area with bird spikes.  Bird spikes get rid of the birds by creating an un-even surface that does not allow them to land on the area, forcing them to move on to another location.  Plastic bird spikes can be secured to your structure using glue, screws or even tying them down.  Bird spikes are available in a variety of colors to match the structure they are being applied to.  Installing the spikes would be a quick weekend project.

Bird netting and bird spikes, together, will get rid of the birds from your property and will stop them from eating your garden fruits and vegetables.  Both are very humane methods of bird control.  They simply eliminate any access to structures and the garden, and force the pests to find another feeding and roosting area.