How to Scare Birds Away from Your Property

How to Scare Birds Away from Your Property

Posted on May 13, 2014 by Terri Anne Meyer in Bird Deterrents

It is springtime and the birds are out and about around your yard and home. I love to wake on a sunny spring morning and listen to the sounds of birds chirping happily in the yard, until I step outside to use my patio and it is covered in bird poop! It is then that I realize it is time to scare birds away from my yard and home if I am ever going to be able to enjoy my patio. Now all I need to do is choose the right product for my bird problem.

Choosing the Right Product to Scare Birds Away

In searching for ways to scare birds away, I found that there are many products available to do the job. I have categorized them into two basic categories of bird scarers; visual bird scare deterrents and sound bird scare deterrents. Now I need to decide what type of bird scare device to use. Lets look at what is available in each category and decide which would be best to use in my yard.

Visual Bird Scare Deterrents

Visual scare deterrents scare birds away by using the birds sense of sight. The products are usually bright shiny objects that create some sort of visual distraction; the birds see the bird deterrent and flee the area. These type of scare bird deterrents are ideal to use in open spaces like gardens, yards, pool areas and orchards. The products included in the visual bird scare category include flash tape, scare balloons, hawk decoys and scare bird diverters. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and effective.

Sound Bird Scare Deterrents

Sound bird deterrents play loud predator calls as well as distress calls. When the birds hear the loud calls their natural instinct is to flee the area. The sound deterrents are ideal to scare birds away from open spaces like vineyards and orchards, where loud noises will not bother neighbors. Some of the sound bird deterrents scare birds away by detecting motion and then playing the loud sound, this type of scare deterrent might be perfect to use outside your home. You will not have the constant sound of other sound devices. The SonicShield by Bird-B-Gone is perfect for this, it also works to scare other critters away from your home like deer, raccoon, rabbits and other creatures.

Whichever type of bird deterrent you pick I am sure that they will be able to scare away birds from your yard and home. Sometimes it might even be wise to choose more than one type of bird deterrent. I have flash tape in my garden; a hawk decoy protecting my pool areas and a sound deterrent with motion detection guarding my trash cans from birds and raccoons. All together I can happily say that my home and yard are now free of pests and pest birds.