Improperly Installed Bird Netting Can be Harmful to Birds

Improperly Installed Bird Netting Can be Harmful to Birds

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Fran Prisco in Articles

To keep pigeons from entering ventilator ducts on the Badrinath Tower at Seven Bungalows in Mubai, bird netting was installed. This was in response to a pigeon problem in the building, which was causing respiratory problems for many residents. (Source: Times of India)

Residents were recently shocked to see several pigeons (regarded as "birds of peace" in this country) trapped inside the ventilator ducts. The birds had managed to work their way through or around the netting and were unable to fly out. Many of the trapped birds died of starvation and stress.

While ventilator ducts on every floor were covered with a net, many pigeons had been trapped inside the ventilator ducts on the higher floors of the 20-story building. Rescue officers had to cut open some of the netting, and they advised the housing society to install foldable nets, which would allow any trapped birds to be released.

As this actual situation demonstrates, improperly installed bird netting can result in birds becoming trapped in the netting. Once trapped, birds can be injured and even perish. This is why its so important to utilize the services of a professional bird net installer. One such company is Bird-B-Gone. They offer a wide range of bird netting solutions. Chief among these is professional bird netting installers.

Installing bird netting takes some special care. For large buildings, it should be done properly by Authorized Bird Control Installers. Large installations may require thousands of square feet of netting, special boom lifts and power gear. If the netting is improperly installed, it will droop and sag, allowing birds to sneak through gaps.

Choosing the right netting is equally important. Heavy-duty bird netting comes in 1-1/8- to 2-inch mesh for blocking out gulls, crows and pigeons; and 3/4-inch mesh for keeping out smaller birds like sparrows. Quality is important, too. You'll want netting that lasts through sun, rain and freezing weather. The best heavy-duty netting is made of high-strength polyethylene. This netting meets ISO 1806 protocols, is UV stabilized, flame resistant and rot- and water-proof.

A Bird-Saving Innovation

BirdBGone offers a product called Bird-Scape. It lets birds out when they are trapped behind netting. This important netting accessory has a funnel that birds can fly out of, but not back into. Bird Scape is easily installed directly into bird netting with hog rings.

Connect with a professional bird netting installer

If you don't have the time, resources or expertise to solve your pest bird problem, BirdBGone can connect you with an Authorized BirdBGone installer in your area.

The company has trained an extensive network of bird control professionals around the world. These pros can help solve bird problems in residential, commercial and industrial settings. BirdBGone works closely with their authorized installers to ensure they are qualified to solve your specific pest bird issue.

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