How to Install Solar Panel Bird Deterrents

How to Install Solar Panel Bird Deterrents

Posted on September 18, 2016 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Deterrents

Rooftop solar panels attract birds and other critters that seek lofty shelter and subsequently damage the panels. Bird B Gone’s Solar Panel Bird Deterrent solves the bird/critter problem with specially designed mesh and clips that block out birds and critters. Installing this deterrent is simple, straightforward and will not damage solar panels.

Clean Out Debris

Before you begin, it’s important to clean and disinfect the site under and around the solar panels. Birds and critters are often attracted to the scent of their nesting materials and droppings. Use personal protective equipment (PPE) when removing this debris to prevent injury or infection. Some debris and droppings may contain disease-carrying bacteria.

What You’ll Need

To prepare for the installation of the Solar Panel Bird Deterrent you will need a wire cutter, UV-rated zip ties, measuring tape, Solar Panel Bird Deterrent mesh and clips. You will also need appropriate safety equipment to prevent injury during a rooftop installation.


To estimate the amount of material needed and the number of people required for the job, measure the size and number of panels on the roof. Start by measuring one full panel of arrays and divide that length into manageable pieces of mesh. Bird B Gone recommends 5-foot lengths for ease of use. Align the pre-cut mesh against the arrays and note the excess mesh squares above the solar panel’s edge. Take the mesh piece to a comfortable location off the roof and use a 2x4 to bend the excess squares about 45 degrees.


Lay the bent side of the mesh against the roof and hold the other edge against the solar array. While holding the mesh in place, stick the curved end of the fastening clips through the mesh underneath the solar panel and hook it. Pull the mounting clip and make sure the hooks are all the way on the lip of the panel. Tighten the feed washer against the mesh to make sure the clip stays in place. Attach clips approximately every 18 inches, then bend the clip rod upward and cut off the excess portion of the rod. When coming to the end of one pre-cut mesh panel, overlap a second piece about 2 inches or four squares. Make sure the clip goes through both mesh panels before securing the feed washer.

Handling Corners

To work around an outside corner, measure to determine where the bend will go and cut a straight slit in the part of the mesh panel that lies against the roof. Bend the panel along the slit at a 90-degree angle and fasten it around the corner. There will be a gap on the roof at the corner, so cut a small piece of mesh about 2 x 4 inches to cover the gap. Tie it in place with UV-rated zip ties. For inside corners, cut a 45-degree slit at the bottom, then bent the mesh in opposite direction so that the mesh overlaps. Secure both ends of the corner mesh with clips. Lock the bottom slits using zip ties.

Handling Obstructions

If you come across obstructions like panel racks, cut around the obstruction using a wire cutter. Make sure there are no gaps around the obstruction where birds or other critters could crawl through.

Spanish Tile Roofs

A lot of manual labor goes into installing the deterrent in these roofs, so you will need to account for the extra labor hours. Measure the height from the top of the solar panel to the highest part of the tile roof. While off the roof, bend or cut the excess mesh. Once on the roof, place the mesh on top of the tiles, aligning it with the solar panel and secure it with clips. To protect the open gaps left between the bottom of the panels and the lowest part of the tiles, go off the roof and cut small pieces to the size needed. Attach these small pieces using a hog-ring tool or UV-rated zip ties.

Installation Questions?

Bird B Gone provides advice; training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures. For the complete line of products from Bird B Gone, call 1-800-392-6915; fax: 949-472-3116 or visit our website at, e-mail: