Introducing SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel

Introducing SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel

Posted on October 15, 2019 by Bird B Gone in Bird Control

If you are going to be at NPMA Pestworld in San Diego this week and happen to visit our booth, chances are you will be hearing from us about our upcoming product, SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel. Bird B Gone is constantly seeking new ways to expand our line of product offerings and SpectrumV™ is next on our list of new items. Here at Bird B Gone we understand that bird control is a serious issue that requires serious solutions.

SpectrumV™ Holographic Bird Gel – Your Easy, Economical, and Effective Solution for Bird Control

SpectrumV™ (the V is for “Visual”) Holographic Bird Gel bridges the gap between low-cost, 1-dimensional bird control solutions and high-investment structural bird control solutions by offering a high quality, multi-sensory approach to easy, economical, and effective bird control. Easy-to-use dishes filled with a proprietary mix of holographic mylar chips, sticky non-toxic bird gel, and bird-repelling odors are quick to install and effective on all species of birds.

  • Sight– Flecks of holographic mylar reflect in the sunlight to create visual hot spots that scares birds away.
  • Sense - Sticky gel creates tactile discomfort, encouraging birds to leave the area. (This would be to our Bird-OFF Gel and Transparent Bird Gel in respect to birds not liking the sticky sensation).
  • Smell - Proprietary blend of ingredients creates an aroma that is unpleasant to birds - an instinctive bird deterrent.

SpectrumV™ is truly a simple solution for bird control.

SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel

Effective Bird Control is Possible

If you are living with a nuisance bird problem, Bird B Gone wants you to know 3 things:

  1. Effective bird control is possible and is within your reach.
  2. The best bird control solution for you is the simplest and least expensive option that makes your property unattractive to, and possibly even uninhabitable by, birds.
  3. Your bird control plan typically needs to involve a strategic combination of bird control solutions to be effective. Working with the bird control experts at Bird B Gone will help you develop and monitor a bird control program that will keep your personal property safe from contamination and damage.

Know Your Options

Once you’ve identified and quantified your bird problem, it’s time to start looking for solutions that will drive nuisance birds away. Effective bird control is all about making birds uncomfortable so they will go someplace else to gather and roost. Fortunately, Bird B Gone offers a number of the world’s best proven, humane, safe, and cost-effective bird control solutions. These solutions fall into a few main categories, each with their own benefits and limitations:

  1. Exclusion Products. Exclusion products are used in areas where birds are nesting and/or need to be permanently blocked from entering an area. Heavy Duty Bird Netting and Bird Slope are the best products to use that will prevent birds from accessing areas such as signs, airplane hangars, and warehouses.
  2. Ledge Products. Ledge products are designed to prevent birds from congregating on selected surfaces. Examples of ledge products include bird spikes, electric track, bird wire and gels. These devices work very well for keeping birds away from sensitive, high-value areas including roof lines, parapet walls, beams and other open areas where birds choose to land.
  3. Trapping or Bird Reduction. Trapping and physically removing birds is a viable solution when birds take over a building or an enclosed space.  Trapping may be required before other bird control methods can be installed. 
  4. Sensory Repellents. There are a number of things that birds find frightening and distasteful, making it possible to drive birds away from locations where they are not welcome. Bird B Gone offers a variety of sensory repellents that use unpleasant visual, olfactory, and physical sensations to encourage nuisance birds to leave and actually deter them from settling in at all. Different circumstances call for different repellents. Examples include the following:
    • Liquid bird repellents can be sprayed or fogged to keep birds and geese away from grassy areas, golf courses, parks and other areas where birds like to graze.
    • Avian Block (available in 2020) is a revolutionary new product that uses the same irritants found in liquid repellents in a granular or solid form to keep birds away indoors and out.
    • Gel bird repellents are sticky, smelly substances used to prevent birds from roosting and congregating in unwanted areas. The combination of smells and stickiness on their feet causes birds to stop landing on the surface and leave the area.
    • SpectrumV™ is an exciting new repellent product from Bird B Gone. Easy to use and install dishes contain a proprietary gel that employs a multi-sensory approach to a pest bird’s sight, sense and smell. Holographic mylar pieces create visual hot spots that scares birds away; a sticky gel gets on the birds’ feet and encourages them to leave; and a proprietary blend of ingredients creates an aroma that is unpleasant to birds deterring birds from the area.
    • Sound deterrents use predator calls, along with other sounds, to humanely deter a wide variety of pest birds, even from expansive open spaces.
    • Visual bird deterrents use scare triggers such as predator features, movements, or reflective surfaces to frighten birds and cause them to flee the area.

Design a Bird Control Strategy That’s Right for You

Many bird control issues go untreated because the cost/benefit ratio of investing in bird control products seems so unfavorable. Maybe you feel the impact of pest bird activity on your personal property isn’t enough to justify an investment in significant structural bird control (Bird Netting, Bird Spike, Bird Jolt Flat Track, etc.), or maybe the scope of your bird problem makes cost effective bird control seem unattainable. That said, the wide variety of bird control solutions offered by Bird B Gone means you can design a bird control strategy that both protects your commercial/personal property and fits your budget.

Trust Bird B Gone for Effective Bird Control Strategies

Bird B Gone is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of bird control products. Our extensive range of bird control products are proven to provide effective and humane solutions; with the help of bird control products from Bird B Gone, you can achieve a bird-free environment. Our bird control experts are available to provide advice, training, and installation services for all your bird control needs.