Keep Birds Away from Your Garden with Bird Netting

Keep Birds Away from Your Garden with Bird Netting

Posted on May 18, 2015 by Fran Prisco in Garden Bird Netting

You may not immediately think of birds when you consider pest control issues; however, these feathered pests can cause serious damage, particularly in areas with abundant foliage. Some aggressive birds, like blackbirds, prefer crops for their food, and have been known to destroy millions of tons of crops.

The Bird Question

Just as significantly, birds can pose health risks to humans when they infest human-inhabited areas. Contact with the birds or their droppings can lead to serious, even potentially fatal, diseases in adults, children, and household pets. These seemingly benign animals can wreak more havoc than their appearance would indicate and it is important to keep them away without exterminating them.

Property managers and land owners have various options to turn to for animal control and deterrence. It’s important to choose methods that are effective as well as humane, since some birds are protected by regulation and play essential roles in environmental processes. Bird netting, among others, provides a viable solution to your avian infestation problem.

Effective and Humane

One of the strongest cases for bird netting when it comes to eliminating birds as pests is that netting is efficient at deterring and preventing birds from destroying property, while not harming them. Many birds who subsist on insects and crops are beneficial for the environment. Netting simply limits and prevents the birds from destroying crops and gardens that are not meant for them. Most netting is lightweight, eco-friendly, and too small for birds to fly through or to become harmed.

You can protect fruit trees, berry bushes, vines, plants, and virtually any type of foliage that you feel may be at risk. Bird netting is perhaps the most common choice for gardens and orchards.

Safe for Other Animals

Another benefit of netting is that it poses no danger to other animals. It does not involve harmful chemicals or other hazards to pets, livestock, or children. When properly installed, netting is an unobtrusive and virtually harmless deterrent to birds and other would-be pests. Its subtle presence on your property is also neighbor approved and will not intrude on them in any way.

In Tandem Efficiency

Bird netting works wonderfully in tandem with other pest control options:

  • Repellents
  • Noisemakers
  • Mirrors
  • Solar panels
  • Spikes
  • And others

For example, some farmers and gardeners have experienced bird-repelling success with mirrors mounted on moving objects. Birds, particularly the exceptionally bothersome starlings, are often frightened by flashes of light. If a bird is able to approach the property and avoid the flashes, the netting is your safeguard.

The efficacy of netting can be enhanced with the simultaneous use of repellents, like chili extracts, that you can spray onto your crops and which repel the birds. You can also install noisemaking, or sonic, devices which emit species-specific sounds that are not audible or annoying to humans and pets, but which can agitate birds enough that they will stay out of range of the sonic device’s reach. When using netting in conjunction with another deterrent, it can be even more successful.

Free Maintenance and Monitoring

Bird netting is a low maintenance choice for deterring birds because it typically only requires replacement once every 5 years. Once applied, netting remains on your crops all day and night without any need for continuous monitoring or maintenance. Although some farmers actually employ personnel for the purpose of chasing away bothersome bird species, you need not hire a crew to watch your property for bird invaders. (Furthermore, netting takes no lunch breaks and asks for no salary!)


Of all the options available to consumers, we at Bird B Gone recommend bird netting as a primary way to prevent birds from damaging gardens. Coupled with its great success at repelling destructive birds, netting provides an ideal solution for people who are tasked with maintaining lands that boast plant life. For more methods of preventing bird invasions, contact our team for a customized deterrent plan.