Keep Birds Away with Bird Netting for Gardens

Keep Birds Away with Bird Netting for Gardens

Posted on June 9, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Netting

Gardening is a cathartic activity. Those who garden usually have a love for it. It is not a chore, but a relaxing outdoor activity that you look forward to. If you love the outdoors, you also probably love birds. But birds are not your friends when they eat your vegetables and fruit that are just about ready to be picked. Bird netting for gardens is a great way to protect the produce and make sure it lands on your table and not in the birds beak.

Bird netting for gardens is a much more effective bird control method than spraying them away with the garden hose or hanging shiny things around the home such as used CDs or the lids to the kitchen stainless steels pots. It would not be safe and humane to use lethal deterrents that poison the birds. This is not an option because most backyard migratory birds are protected under the law. The Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act prohibits you from harming the birds when there are young in their nests.

The humane way to effectively rid your yard from the pest bird is by using bird netting for gardens. Bird experts at Bird B Gone can help you achieve your goal of ridding the garden of pest birds. They may recommend a particular type of netting that fits your unique bird problem. The bird netting for gardens for your particular issues may be garden bird netting.

Bird Netting for Gardens Perfect Bird Barrier

Garden bird netting protects your garden area or individual plants by creating a physical barrier. The barrier keeps the birds out, but still allows in the fresh air, natural sunlight and water. Garden bird netting is very strong netting that is designed for outdoor use. It is also very strong, made of U.V. protected polypropylene. The netting is very versatile. It comes in three different sizes of mesh, , 1/3 and and comes in bulk rolls of 14 by 100 feet.

If your plants are in containers or there are only a few small plants, it is easy to wrap each plant with the netting to keep birds away. For larger garden plots, suspending the garden netting over the entire area using a series of posts installed around the perimeter of the garden is recommended. It is important to remember to leave about four inches between the netting and plants. That way the birds cannot perch on the netting and pick at the plants through the mesh.

For total bird exclusion from the yard, other forms of bird control are a good idea to work in unison with the netting. There are various scare tactics and other physical bird control products that work around the home in areas such as the rooftop and eaves. This would protect the areas where birds are most prone to roost and nest.