How to Keep Geese Away with Goose Repellent

How to Keep Geese Away with Goose Repellent

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Alex Kecskes in Goose Control

Geese have become increasingly accustomed to urban environments, thanks to a lack of predators and easy access to food (lawns, plants and seeds). The large birds often gather and nest in huge flocks, denuding lawns, trampling plants, and leaving huge amounts of droppings. The droppings are not only smelly, but can reduce the water quality of ponds and water features. The droppings have also been known to potentially carry diseases. Most geese are migratory and protected by state and federal laws, so only non-lethal geese repellents may be employed to control them. Fortunately, the bird control experts at Bird B Gone have a number of humane and effective solutions for keeping geese away.

Migrate Goose Repellent

Recommended for excluding geese from parks, golf courses, industrial parks, waterfront homes and athletic fields, Migrate is the liquid goose repellent that makes grass (and plants) unpalatable to geese. It can be used on grass, shrubbery or other areas where geese often feed. Easily applied with a handheld sprayer, a single gallon of Migrate effectively treats 16,000 square feet of property. The chemical will not wash off with rain or sprinkler systems. And the runoff will not contaminate nearby bodies of water. For best results, mow the lawn you wish to treat. After the first application, wait about a week, then repeat the process. Two applications will last for up to three months.

Avian Control™ Goose Repellent

Applied using a sprayer or fogger, Avian Control™ is highly effective in controlling geese. When applied with a fogger, the solution is efficiently dispersed in large open areas, such as parks and golf courses using just 12 to16 ounces per acre. Once applied, the deterrent effect lasts up to three times longer than other goose repellents, and it will not wash away with rain or sprinklers. The chemical run-off will not contaminate nearby bodies of water, nor will the solution harm grass or shrubs.

Fog Force Bird Repellent

Ideal for scattering large flocks of geese from landfills, substations, parks, golf courses and turf areas, Fog Force is a non-toxic liquid fogging agent. Sold by the gallon, Fog Force should be dispersed by professionals using thermal and ULV fogging machines.

Hudson Favorite®1.5 Gallon Sprayer

Recommended for ridding geese from specific turf or garden areas, this home and garden sprayer is ideal for applying Migrate Goose Repellent. The Sprayer includes a measuring cup for mixing one part liquid repellent to 20 parts water (for the 1.5 gallon sprayer, mix approximately 1-1/4 cups liquid repellent to 22-3/4 cups water). Simply follow the directions on the sprayer’s label to effectively treat your lawn or turf.

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