How to keep pest gulls off your building

How to keep pest gulls off your building

Posted on July 3, 2016 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Deterrents

Pest gulls can both deface and damage property, so it’s important to keep them off your building. Rooftop AC units, air vents, rain gutters and security cameras can be rendered inoperative by gull droppings and nesting debris. These droppings can also create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards on walkways around buildings and other structures. Finally, bird droppings can carry any of 60 known diseases like salmonella.

Keeping pest gulls off your building can pose a challenge. The large birds are federally protected migratory birds, which means, once the eggs hatch, nothing can be done until they leave. Fortunately, the bird control experts at Bird B Gone have an effective, economical and humane solution to pest gulls.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

These stainless steel spiked strips won’t allow pest gulls to land on or near them. They are easily mounted on rooftops, ledges, parapet walls, and signs—or any flat or curved surface where pest gulls often flock. For gulls, 8-inch spikes provide 8 to 10 inches of deterrence on a 10-inch wide ledge. These spiked strips feature a patented “bend-and-crush” design to keep the spikes firmly in place. A special “no-nest” design with no-gap spacing deters pest gulls from roosting or landing. Glue, nails or screws can be used to keep the spiked strips securely mounted on virtually any surface.

Bird Spider 360

This multi-legged “Daddy Long Legs” device intimidates pest gulls and prevents them from landing. Its spindly tentacles whip about freely in the breeze, creating a visual distraction zone. Ideal for deterring pest gulls from AC units, streetlights, signs, rooftops and other surfaces, the Bird Spider 360 is ruggedly designed for outdoor use. Its #316 marine grade stainless steel arms “pin” into a UV-protected polycarbonate base. High durability UV-protected polycarbonate tips ensure the arms bounce and sway in the wind. The new tips also prevent scuffing on surfaces. The Bird Spider 360 comes in four arm lengths to provide increasingly wider areas of protection. The PVC base allows the Spider 360 to be easily placed wherever gulls gather most often. Bird B Gone also offers three highly effective adhesives to mount Bird Spiders—in either vertical or horizontal positions. Once set up, a Bird Spider is virtually invisible and maintenance free.


The Agrilaser® uses advanced, patented optical laser-beam technology to harmlessly repel pest gulls over great distances—up to 2,000 meters. The handheld device provides an easy way to keep gulls from landing on rooftops and other hard to reach areas. Pest gulls react to the laser beam as they would a rapidly approaching car or other physical threat, so they flee the area. Unlike some deterrent devices, gulls will not get used to the laser beam and will be always be repelled. Developed with the help of ornithologists, the Agrilaser® comes with a battery pack that consists of two rechargeable batteries and an associated power charger.

Preventive Site Preparation

Before installing or using any gull deterrent or repellent, the surface should be clean and dry. Be sure to remove any loose rust, peeling paint, bird droppings, feathers and nesting materials. Leaving this debris will signal to pest gulls that this is a lived-in area for birds. Use commercial disinfecting cleaning agents to prevent exposure to any of the 60 known airborne diseases carried by birds. Use eye and respiratory protection if the area is heavily contaminated with droppings.

Ask the Experts

Bird B Gone offers a number of deterrents and repellents for keeping pest gulls away from buildings. If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, Bird B Gone has over 80 years of combined experience in the field of bird control. We can help you with product selection, installation and cleanup. Just call us at (888) 570-0360 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email us at We also work with a network of authorized installers, call today for a trained bird control professional in your area.