Plant Netting Can Save Your Plants from Pest Birds

Plant Netting Can Save Your Plants from Pest Birds

Posted on April 20, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Garden Bird Netting

Are your plants vulnerable to pest birds? Most plants are. Finches, orioles and robins can severely damage strawberry plants. Blue jays, cowbirds and starlings will ruin your tomatoes. Warblers, orioles, mockingbirds, and robins will devour your blackberries. Pest birds have even been known to dig up and eat vegetable seeds. They'll also nibble on tiny sprouts, destroying them before they produce fruit. And they'll peck at vegetables, leaving gaping holes to ruin your plants. No matter what type of plant you're growing--be it fruit bearing, vegetable or simply decorative--birds can present a real problem if you don't implement an effective bird control strategy like plant netting.

With the arrival of spring birds, protecting plants can seem hopeless at times. Especially when you've tried homegrown deterrents that just shoo birds away temporarily. Birds soon get used to these methods and return to feast on your plants. The only effective bird deterrent recommended by the bird control experts at Bird-B-Gone is plant netting. And the plant netting they recommend most often is Ultra Net.

Plant Netting Will Keep Birds Away

Ultra Net protects your plants by creating an impenetrable bird barrier that seals out bird pests. While birds will still be attracted to your plants, they simply won't be able to gain access to them. After a few unsuccessful tries, birds will give up and move on. Ultra Net is strong and designed for use in a wide range of outdoor climates. Its made of tough UV-protected polypropylene. The plant netting comes in three different mesh sizes 2-inch, 1 1/8-inch and 3/4-inch to seal out both large and small birds. Its also available in small sections, or bulk rolls of 14 x 100 feet and 14 x 5,000 feet to protect large area plantings.

Plant Netting is Easy to Use

Whether you need to protect a small garden of plants or large areas of planted crops and vines, Ultra Net is easy to use. For smaller applications, plants can be individually wrapped in Ultra Net. For larger areas, Bird-B-Gone suggests suspending their netting over entire groups of plants using a network of poles implanted around their perimeter. Either way, you should leave at least a four-inch space between the netting and your plants. This will ensure that any pest birds that decide to perch on the netting cant use their beaks to pick at your plants through the mesh.

Supplement with Visual Bird Deterrents

Bird-B-Gone Visual Bird Deterrents will scare birds away from areas unprotected by plant netting. Among the most effective are Scare Eye Diverters and Bird Scare Balloons, which feature large predator eyes to scare birds. Bird-B-Gone recommends that visual bird deterrents be moved around so that birds don't get used to them.

Bird-B-Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.