Plant Netting Enhances Container Gardening

Plant Netting Enhances Container Gardening

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Do you desire a way to garden without a large yard or no yard at all? It can be done. You can create a garden like setting even on a small patio or balcony. You can grow vegetables and fruit plants in containers. If you have full sun in the area you can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, berries. If you have partial sun to shade you can grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage. A garden is accessible to everyone whether you have a large backyard or a small patio. Blueberries are one of the best fruits to grow in a container on a patio or balcony. Accessibility is also open to the pest birds whether you have a large yard or a small place. Plant netting will be needed to protect your plants from the pest birds.

Not only do you need the various containers such as terra cotta pots, baskets or planter boxes, water and some sunshine, you need plant netting and other forms of bird control. If you have blueberries, a blueberry netting system will keep the fruit intact and out of bounds to the pest birds.

It is essential to choose bird control products that are safe and humane for domestic animals and family members and guests. Container gardening are usually in closer proximity to your living environment, so humane and safe bird control products are imperative.

About Plant Netting

Plant netting for containers is of a garden netting variety. Bird B Gone offers garden bird netting that is made of a light-weight plastic mesh net. It is economical and a great solution as a physical barrier to keep birds away from the plants. This type of plant netting is very durable made with long lasting U.V. protected polypropylene. It is also made from FDA sanctioned resin. You can purchase the garden plant netting in bulk rolls or piece sizes. It will protect against all types of bird species. When it is applied correctly, it is virtually invisible.

For smaller areas the Mini Scarecrows will scare birds away. It is the perfect bird control product for small and hard to treat places. The Mini Scarecrow is a complete unit that only takes 4AAA batteries to install. How it works is, it sprays out compressed air with a little noise that simply startles the nuisance bird by that shot of air and sound, The birds will then automatically fly away from the area. It is motion activated, so even if a cat jumps up on your balcony or patio, there will be no harm done to the domestic animal, just a little scare. There is also an option of switching the unit to use only sound which can conserve the compressed air. Motion is sensed up to 2 feet. Each can of compressed air holds up to 200 sprays, easily lasting a gardening season or more.

When you put bird control products in motion you can then sit back and watch your garden grow.