Plant Netting for Gardens Keeps Birds Out

Plant Netting for Gardens Keeps Birds Out

Posted on July 22, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Choosing the right bird control product such as plant netting will help in keeping birds away from your garden. The U.V. protected polypropylene plastic plant bird netting is very strong and durable making it long lasting. Plant netting is the perfect bird barrier that will stop the pests from eating the harvest by keeping the birds away from the plants.

Berry plants are especially vulnerable to the pest birds. All it takes to ruin a blueberry or other small berry is one small peck or bite and it is gone. Plant netting can be suspended over the entire plant area to keep the pest birds away from all the plants. The netting is suspended over the entire area by placing dowels or posts around the entire perimeter of the area. The netting can then be attached using a staple gun, zip ties, twine or specifically designed Bird B Gone Garden Netting Poly-Clips. The experts suggest suspending the netting by at least 4 inches. It is also a good idea to have posts long enough to be able to raise the netting as the plants grow.

The plant netting comes in various sizes, making bird netting a very versatile bird control method. There are 2 bulk rolls to choose from, either 14" x 100' or 14" by 200'. The netting can be cut to any size, or pieces can easily be attached together to create a larger piece.

The mesh sizes are varying as well. The size to use for the backyard garden plot could be 1/4" or 1/2" or 3/4" in size. Woodpecker netting is also in size. Woodpecker netting is often hung on the sides of the home so the pesky woodpecker cannot drill holes in the siding. Woodpeckers can be very disruptive and do not forget that they are classified as a pest bird when they start to damage your home and trees. They may be cute and fun to watch, but it will not be fun when it comes time to pay for the damage.

Bird droppings are a main reason to keep birds at bay just as much as the structural damage. Bird droppings are not only ugly and dirty to look at, but they are contaminated. The droppings harbor all kinds of diseases and parasites and bugs that can be transmitted to humans and into the home. You are more likely to have injury and destruction when the droppings are allowed to accumulate on the property. This is why it is imperative to implement bird control products such as plant netting before there is an accrual of the mess.

Prevention is always the best way to go. Installing plant netting to the yard before there is a bird problem is the best solution. There are many bird control products to choose from that will keep birds off rooftops, away from the eaves and out of the attic. There are physical bird deterrents, visual bird deterrents and even sound deterrents that will keep birds away from the home.