Plastic Bird Spikes are Needed

Plastic Bird Spikes are Needed

Posted on June 1, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Spikes

Are birds wonderful creatures or are they pests that inflict havoc around the home? The answer would be both. They are definitely needed for our environment and ecological system but they can also ruin and deface structures around the home.

Often times when no plastic bird spikes or other forms of bird control are installed on the premises including the roofs, skylights, air vents, security cameras, rain gutters and other areas, extensive clean up will be needed or often times repairs and replacements are needed from the damage their droppings cause.

Plastic bird spikes are safe and humane. While a bird spike might sound threatening and torturous, the plastic bird spikes have blunted ends. The pest bird will not be harmed at all by the plastic bird spikes. Plastic bird spikes have approval from just about every humane group around the world including the Pigeon Control Adviser Service and the U.S. Humane Society. Bird spikes are also often recommended by building contractors, architects and municipalities as humane and a very effective means to deter the birds.

Plastic bird spikes are made from post-industrial plastic resources making them a very rugged material. The spikes are U.V. protected and can withstand extreme temperatures from +310OF TO -200OF. Plastic bird spikes are also non-conductive. This means they can be used safely near electrical switches, phone lines, power lines, electrical signs and transmission towers. The plastic bird spikes will also not interfere with radiated transmissions such as cell phone towers, airport towers and any other areas that radio frequency transmissions are present.

Plastic bird spikes blend into just about any structure. They come in different colors, which include crystal clear, white, black, tan grey, brown and brick red. When installed accurately, the plastic bird spikes blend in very naturally to the surroundings and the home structures they are installed on.

Plastic bird spikes are extremely easy to install and maintain. They can be used right out of the box with no assembly required. The bird spike strips come in 2-foot sections with a very flexible base. They can be easily applied to any flat or curved surface. The pre-drilled holes along the base make it easy to nail or screw onto any surface. The spikes can also be glued into place.

Not only are they quick and easy to apply, but also plastic bird spikes are very inexpensive. Maintaining the spikes is easy because they do not clog easily with bird debris.

Besides the mess and damage that the bird droppings can cause to the buildings, having bird deterrents in place also help to prevent the spread of transmissible diseases. There are terrible diseases the bird droppings can transmit to humans. Serious lung diseases such as histoplasmosis can be avoided by not allowing the bird droppings to accumulate. And this means simply installing bird control devices such as plastic bird spikes to keep the pest birds away. Not only will they get rid of the birds, but also they get rid of the risk of damage and disease.