Plastic Bird Spikes  Solution to Your Pest Bird Problems

Plastic Bird Spikes Solution to Your Pest Bird Problems

Posted on June 3, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Spikes

When is a bird considered a pest? It is when their roosting and nesting behaviors interfere with a peaceful home life. Pigeons are often a pest bird that causes havoc on your home and can cause damage. The damage the birds cause is from their caustic droppings. Pest birds normally like to roost and nest in small flat areas that are hidden away from the ground like windowsills, air conditioning units and rooftop ledges.

The debris from the nests can cause problems with the air conditioning unit, causing them to not work properly. Not only can the nesting debris clog up these locations, but the droppings are very high in uric acid which is caustic and will cause widespread damage to metals and other surfaces the droppings are left to accumulate on.

Without a bird control solution like plastic bird spikes, there is not only a risk of damage, but there is a risk to health of those who may come into contact with the accumulated bird droppings. There are a host of bacterial, ectoparasites and fungal agents found in pigeon droppings that can transmit diseases such as salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis, encephalitis and many more diseases. Effective bird control devices will reduce the risk to practically zero, and will reduce the cost of repairs as well.

Plastic bird spikes are a practical solution to your pest bird problems. Plastic bird spikes are a great bird control device for deterring the larger pest birds like the pigeons, gulls and crows to only name a few. Plastic bird spikes are a very good choice to use around the home because the plastic bird spikes come in a variety of colors including tan, black, white, brown, light grey, brick red and crystal clear. They easily blend in with home decor and when installed correctly and the colors match the structure they are virtually invisible.

Installation is a breeze to the average homeowner. The bird spike strips come with pre-drilled holes along the base of the strip. The plastic bird spikes can be screwed down, but they can also be glued or tied down to almost any surface. The bird spikes come in three different widths, 3, 5 and 7. They are U.V. protected and will not be affected by extreme temperatures.

The plastic bird spikes create an uneven surface and the birds will not be able to land on or build their nests on. They can be applied to any flat or curved surface, which includes windowsills, rooftops and under eaves and on top of air conditioning units.

Birds are great at maneuvering areas but the human mind can come up with a lot more creative solutions to tricking the birds and changing their natural behaviors. Along with the plastic bird spikes, a visual deterrent would be a good pairing. The spikes make it impossible to land on the area and a visual bird deterrent would scare birds away from the area. Visual deterrents are usually reflective and shiny, exactly what the birds do not like.

Plastic bird spikes will work as soon as they are installed and so will the visual deterrents. It is a perfect solution that keeps birds away from your property.