Repeller 360 Uses Wind Power to Prevent Birds from Landing

Repeller 360 Uses Wind Power to Prevent Birds from Landing

Posted on June 24, 2012 by Fran Prisco in Press Releases

Mission Viejo CA Bird-B-Gone, Inc. would like to announce the addition of a new product, The Repeller 360.

The Repeller 360 is a physical bird deterrent that rotates in the wind to deter large birds from landing in unwanted areas such as boats, docks, signs, rooftops, A.C. units and more.

Covering a 6 ft diameter, the Repeller 360 features reflective predator eyes to confuse and scare birds from coming near the protected area. The arms work to sweep birds off surfaces, while the reflective predator eyes create a visual scare zone that birds will want to avoid.

The unit has optional mounting bases to choose from and can be mounted to railings, masts, bimini and canvas covers, flat surfaces and more. A locking pin in the base ensures the Repeller 360 will not blow away in high winds.

The Repeller 360 is safe, humane and made in the U.S.A by Bird-B-Gone, Inc.

Repeller 360 is made of durable materials meant for prolonged exposure to saltwater and sunlight. The anodized aluminum arms and U.V. protected body are meant for outdoor use. Repeller 360 is easy to install and easy to store.

Bird-B-Gone's goal is to provide the most effective, humane, and economic products available in the bird control industry.

About: At Bird-B-Gone its our expertise, training and customer service that set us apart. Our high quality bird control products carry the longest industry guarantees, and are proudly made in the United States.

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