Sound Bird Deterrents – They Work!

Sound Bird Deterrents – They Work!

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Sound Bird Deterrents

Most birds have a beautiful sing song sound. There are recordings that play bird sounds that you can wake up to or listen to when you go to sleep. The feathered wild life makes many charming sounds including whistling, chirps but also sometimes screeches and croaks. The sounds of nature are quite fascinating. Some might not think all birds are fascinating, especially if they have pest birds interrupting their way of life. Birds that roost and nest on your property are considered pest birds, and they will leave behind droppings and nesting materials that can be hazardous to the well-being of those who come in contact with them.

The hazard of bird droppings is one reason that sound bird deterrents are needed. When there is no bird deterrent in place the acidity in the droppings will ruin surfaces where they land and accumulate. This is a very costly fix once the surface is destroyed. Home and business rooftops are quite expensive to repair and replace.

Not only is the repair and replacement of surfaces costly, but the threat to your health should be another concern and reason to install bird control of some type. Many health concerns for humans are associated with bird droppings. Nearly all serious health risks occur from disease organisms that breed in the nutrient-loaded accumulation of bird droppings and the debris under a roost. Parasites are a dilemma. They can invade buildings and bite humans. Histoplasmosis is another serious concern to individuals. It is caused by a fungus. Airborne spores transmit the disease to humans from the unhygienic bird droppings. Infection occurs when spores are inhaled. Ticks, mites and bedbugs can all become a difficulty associated with the pest bird and their droppings.

Sound bird deterrents are devices that produce bird calls that will scare the birds away. They are scientifically designed to deter pest birds from large open areas such as rooftops, backyards, spacious gardens and other open areas. Birds are sensitive to sound and when the sound bird deterrent produces normal bird warning and distress calls they will flee the area. There are a few products available that will address a wide range of problems that the pest birds produce in different venues such as commercial, residential, industrial and municipal.

Bird Chase Super Sonic is very easy to use and extremely versatile. This sound deterrent can be programmed to scare off a specific species of bird. If you are unsure which bird is causing the havoc, the device has a general setting that will scare all birds away. The distress calls are repeated about every 10 minutes and can be programmed to play during the day and can be turned off at night.

Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic has identical features as the Bird Chase Super Sonic with the added feature of solar sustainability. This is a very energy efficient way to keep the birds away.

Sonic Shield Bird and Critter Deterrent are considered the “smart” pest control device. It not only frightens away pest birds but other pests as well including raccoons, possums, skunks, gophers, squirrels and other four legged creatures that lurk around day and night. For this sound deterrent there is a daytime mode of flashing LED lights and loud barking dog sounds. Night time mode you can use only the flashing LED lights. There is a motion sensor that triggers the effects when a pest crosses its path.

When choosing a sound bird deterrent the main thing to remember is that pest birds cannot hear ultrasonic noises. The products must use sound that humans can hear.