Swallows are coming – deter swallow nests with Bird Slope

Swallows are coming – deter swallow nests with Bird Slope

Posted on April 2, 2015 by Terri Anne Meyer in Swallow Deterrents

The swallows are coming.  Buildings need to be protected.  Swallows build their nests solely on man-made structures.  They will build them under bridges, on barns, eaves and many other places.  It does not matter if it is a business or a home.  They are an adaptable pest bird.  You will know if you have swallows, as their nests are very easy to spot.  Their nests are built with mud and twigs.  The nests begin with small balls of mud that are stuck on a vertical surface.  They will be built high up near the top where the wall meets the soffit at a 90 degree angle.  The nests will then be anchored to both surfaces.  The swallows will nest and roost there at night.  They can build their nests fairly quickly.  Some have tried to hose off the nests when they just start being built, but the birds will go right back to the same area and rebuild.

The problem with the nests and birds is that the nests damage and stain whatever surface they are allowed to be built on.  Right below the nests on the walls and ground you have all the accumulated droppings.  Not only are the fresh droppings slippery and could cause people to slip and fall, but they contain diseases and bacteria including salmonella, meningitis, histoplasmosis and a long list of other diseases.

Swallows are classified as migratory birds in the United States.  They are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and state regulations.  This is why preemptive action is needed to get rid of the swallow before they begin building their nests.  Once they have begun building, it is illegal to remove them until after the babies have left the nest.  This would be after the unsightly mess their droppings create, including ticks, mites, fleas and other bugs.  Swallow nests can become a huge liability for businesses, restaurants, and residential areas.  Diseases and bugs can infest homes, employees and guests.  There are documented cases of plaintiffs successfully suing owners of businesses where illnesses have occurred due to lack of swallow control.

The Solution - Bird Slope

The Bird Slope creates a 90 degree angle which makes it impossible for the swallows to land and build their nests.  The slope is made of a slippery PVC material making it very difficult to land on it without slipping off.  The unique angled design makes it impossible for any bird, large or small, to land.  It is great for ledges, eaves and even beams and any other 90 degree areas were swallows are known to roost and nest.

Each section of the Bird Slope is 4 feet long and will cover a ledge up to 7” wide.  Extenders can be added if the ledge is larger than 7”.  A case contains 48 feed of slopes (14 sections).  Gluing down the bird slopes is easy. If there is any trouble with the installation, there are professionals that can help you with your installation. They might even suggest other types of bird deterrent products such as swallow deterrents, swallow bird netting and other bird control products that are on the market and will be effective in deterring swallows.

It is best to install swallow deterrents before they arrive.  This will help with any clean up you might have to do and keep you within the laws concerning migratory birds.