The Best in Bird Net Bird Control

The Best in Bird Net Bird Control

Posted on May 20, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Netting

Bird netting is an effective, humane and low-profile way to deter pest birds from unwanted places. It is designed to physically exclude birds from damaging different areas around your home, business, trees and gardens. It can be cut to size and is easy to install.

Most of the netting is sold in rolls that are 14 x 100’ and 14 x 200’. There are typically three mesh sizes to use which would depend on the bird species you are trying to eliminate from an area. The sizes include 1/4-inch mesh, ½-inch mesh and ¾-inch mesh which would exclude swallows, sparrows, starlings, pigeons and many other pest birds. The best type of bird net you can use is U.V.-protected polypropylene which is very durable. It is strong, light for easy manageability and virtually invisible when installed correctly. It is available in various colors that will easily blend into the surrounds.

There are varying ways to use the bird net depending on the type of bird and where they are roosting and nesting.

Bird Net used in Eaves

Birds often build nests in eaves. To stop them from doing this, bird netting can be draped at a 45-degree angle over the eave. Using the ¼” to ½” mesh size will block out most eave-nesting pest birds. You will need netting that runs from the outer edge of the roof to the side of the building. The bird net can be installed using a staple gun, hook or tape. The netting needs to be tightly drawn to keep the birds from working their way through any gap in the netting.

Fruit Trees

To protect small fruit trees, the bird net can be tied to the bottom of the tree to prevent birds from being tangled in the netting. For proper installation, the circumference of the tree needs to be measured. The netting can then be cut one extra foot around. The net can then be secure to the tree using bird netting hardware, zip ties, hog rings or even twine. Kits can be purchased that have bird netting hardware such as hog rings and other accessories and tools specific to installing bird netting.

Other Garden Plants

Other garden plants such as berry bushes, vegetable gardens and even grape vines can be protected using a bird net. Space needs to remain between the net and plants in order to keep the birds from perching on the netting and sticking their beaks through to get to the bounty. An effective method is to suspend the netting over the entire area. To do this, a series of poles can be planted around the perimeter of the entire garden area that you want protected from the pest bird. The netting is then connected to the poles. Be sure to leave room to move the netting higher up the pole as the plants grow. There needs to be at least a four inch space between the netting and the plants.

Bird netting is a very versatile bird control product. There are many different kinds of netting to choose from for many different issues. There is industrial pond netting to protect koi in ponds and to keep ducks and other birds out of the water to stop contamination. There is heavy duty bird netting used in warehouses and airports. Crop netting and garden bird netting can be used for large vineyards or backyard gardens. It can be a temporary solution or it can be used permanently for year round protection.