The Main Reasons for Cheap Garden Netting and Bird Deterrent Devices

The Main Reasons for Cheap Garden Netting and Bird Deterrent Devices

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Garden Bird Netting

Migratory birds and residential birds are ecologically important. One example of their importance is that they are considered a good system for spreading seeds. But there is the classic good news/bad news if you are a backyard gardener of berries and other fruits and vegetables. Yes, the good news is that they do spread seeds, but the bad news is they first eat the berries, and when they eliminate their waste, yes the seeds are also eliminated. And their feces could be considered fertilizer, but only if they do it all in the garden, which rarely happens. Most likely the birds are going to zip down and raid your garden and then go sit up on the roof or on the patio furniture and leave their feces all over the place. Cheap garden netting is one great way to protect your garden plants, and there are other bird deterrent devices such as bird spikes that will stop them from sitting on the ledge of your roof.There are other benefits that birds offer. They feed on insects and weed seeds. They are a regular part of the outdoor environment. But the bird does not differentiate between insects or weeds and fruits and vegetables. They do not have the discernment to know if they are helping or damaging your home environment. But you definitely have the discernment and the intelligence to change the environment that will get rid of birds from the yard. And with that information you are able to determine that you need a bird barrier such as garden bird netting and other bird deterrent devices for you home.

The reason to get rid of birds is not only the demolition of the garden it is also because of the damage that their droppings create in their wake. It is not only unsightly but the droppings are highly acidic and will damage just about all structures they land on including wood, masonry, steel, canvas and paint. If allowed to accumulate on the roof they can clog the gutters and weaken the roof structure. Cheap garden netting and other bird deterrent devices are much less expensive and time consuming than putting on a new roof.

Another serious danger is the health hazard that droppings generate. The droppings harbor diseases and parasites. There are more than 60 transmittable diseases and very dangerous parasitic organisms that you can come into contact with by not deterring the pest bird from your home. These diseases can be transmitted by inhalation and ingestion. When the droppings are disturbed, the spores release into the air and that is how you come into contact with them.
There are many bird deterrent devices that can be used to keep birds away along with the cheap garden netting. One such bird deterrent device is bird spikes. Bird spikes are either stainless steel or plastic. The plastic bird spikes are great for home use. One benefit of them is they come in different colors that can match the outside decor. All spikes, when installed correctly, are practically invisible.

There are also other various types of physical bird deterrents. There are spider-like bird deterrent devices that have sweeping arms that bounce and move with the breeze that block and scare birds away from the area. It is suggested to keep the bird deterrent devices fresh and new around the home for maximum effectiveness in conjunction with the cheap garden netting.