The Many Ways Birds Damage Buildings

The Many Ways Birds Damage Buildings

Posted on October 30, 2015 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Control

Building owners spend millions of dollars every year dealing with the many problems associated with pest birds. Here’s how these flying pests damage buildings and structures.

Damage to Roofs

Birds, their droppings, and nesting materials can severely degrade the quality of virtually any roof. Over time, the acid in bird droppings will eat away at tar-based roofing materials, leading to leaks in asphalt roofs. Birds nesting on shingle roofs (wood or tile) will eventually dislodge the shingles, again, creating leaks. A roof’s life expectancy can literally be cut in half by nothing more than the steady accumulation of bird droppings. When pigeons, starlings or sparrows build nests in rain gutters, drains and roof corners become blocked. This results in standing water during rains, water that not only rises enough to seep under roofing tiles, but creates pools heavy enough to seriously damage and even collapse a roof. Some years ago, the pileup of pigeon droppings caused a gas station canopy to collapse in Arizona

Damage to Rooftop AC Units

Pigeons and other birds often build nests around and under rooftop HVAC units on commercial and apartment buildings. They’re also not too shy about building nests around swamp coolers and AC units stilted on 4x4 wooden blocks. These structures typically allow just the right amount of room for pest birds like pigeons to nest and roost. Swamp pads and covers are often left off these units, which gives the “all clear” invitation to pigeons to nest. It doesn’t take long for these birds to multiply, for pigeons, like most birds, are drawn by the scent and noise of other pigeons. So it doesn’t take long for dozens of pigeons to nest around and under these units and structures.  When this happens, expensive rooftop HVAC and AC systems will quickly fall victim to feathers, bird droppings and nesting materials. This debris can clog and damage the vents and propellers of these systems. And that means expensive repairs and or replacement.

Damage to Ventilation Systems

Bird nests built in chimneys and around rooftop ventilation systems will block airflow into a building. A family of five in Cleveland was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning just before Christmas 1995 because their fireplace exhaust system was blocked by bird nests.

Damage by Fires

The small twigs, feathers and dried droppings found in bird nests make excellent kindling for fires. When birds build their nests inside electric signs or other electrical machinery, all it takes is a heated bulb or tiny spark to ignite a fire that can destroy an entire building. Many electric sign companies blame bird nests for many of their sign fires.

The Solution: Effective Bird Control

Fortunately, the bird control experts at Bird B Gone offer a number of highly effective, proven solutions for getting rid of pest birds around buildings and structures. These include:

  • Bird-Hazing System. Humane and effective, this chemical-based system repels birds, even small birds like sparrows, from large enclosed, semi-enclosed and open areas. The system releases a light
haze of methyl anthranilate, a non-toxic, EPA approved food-grade ingredient that irritates a bird’s mucous membranes, forcing them to leave. The repellent effect is only temporary and will not injure birds. The haze deployed is extremely fine, with a particle size smaller than one micron, which allows the repellent to remain airborne longer. The hazer’s multi-head unit ensures wide coverage.
  • Bird Spikes. Ideal for keeping pigeons and other larger birds off rooftops, parapet walls, light fixtures and other flat or curves surfaces, Bird B Gone bird spikes come in a variety of types and sizes. Stainless Steel Spikes are extremely durable and ideal for use in punishing environments. Polycarbonate Spikes come in a variety of colors and are ideal for use in areas where they need to blend in with their environment (they also won’t interfere with communications antennas, since they’re plastic). Mega Spikes are available to deter really large birds like vultures, gulls and cormorants. And many a bird has been kept from nesting in rain gutters thanks to Gutter Spikes, which are easily installed.
  • Bird Spider 360°TM. Equipped with thin, wildly flailing arms to frighten birds away, this device is easily placed on rooftops, HVAC units and other structures to discouraging gulls, cormorants, pelicans and pigeons. Bird spiders come in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot diameter arm lengths for increasingly wider areas of deterrence. A UV-protected polycarbonate base provides easy mounting and can survive harsh weather. Bird B Gone offers a number of versatile bases that allow the Spider to be easily placed wherever pest birds tend to flock.
  • Bird Net 2000 Heavy Duty Netting. Ideal for a broad range of commercial uses, including signs, warehouses, courtyards, canopies, airplane hangars and rooftops, this industrial strength netting is made of a tough UV-stabilized polyethylene mesh. It’s long lasting, extremely durable, rot and water proof, and flame resistant. The netting comes in several area sizes and mesh densities to deter the full range of pest bird types. Bird Net 2000 is often specified in architectural plans, is backed by a 10-Year Guarantee and comes in black, stone or white to blend in with its background
  • Bird Jolt Flat Track. Easy to install and virtually invisible, this electrified track imparts a harmless but persuasive electric shock to birds to alter their behavior. It’s the only electric track with a patented anti-arcing design to guard against track short outs, and the only system with patented glue troughs along the base to insulate the track’s conductors.
  • Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic. Ideal for keeping a wide variety of pest birds away from large commercial areas, this sonic device broadcasts distress and predator calls that intimidate birds. And unlike ultrasonic devices, the Bird Chase device emits sounds birds can actually hear. Being solar powered means the device can easily placed wherever sparrows flock.

Backed by Expert Assistance 

If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, Bird B Gone has over 80 years of combined experience in the field of bird control. We can help you with product selection, installation and cleanup. Just call us at (888) 570-0360 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email us at We also work with a network of authorized installers, call today for a trained bird control professional in your area.