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The Next Generation of BBGU: Introducing VR Training

The Next Generation of BBGU: Introducing VR Training

Posted on July 24, 2019 by Bird B Gone in Bird Control

Virtual Reality: The Next Generation in Bird Control Training

Are you searching for a teaching tool that helps you have a greater impact on those you teach? Are you looking for higher retention rates, increased motivation, and overall improved learning among your Bird B Gone team? Do you need a teaching tool that will have a measurable impact on your bottom line? The new Virtual Reality teaching tool from Bird B Gone University offers all that and more. This exciting new professional education solution provides more effective training than standard online or classroom courses by placing your professionals in engaging, real-world, 360-degree environments. The results? Better learning, better customer quotes, and a better bottom line!

Optimize the Learning Experience

It’s commonly understood that real and lasting learning occurs when auditory, visual, and experiential processes are engaged. While it’s true that everyone has a preferred style of learning, it’s also true that learning is optimized when all three styles are utilized simultaneously. Bird B Gone University’s Virtual Reality learning tool does just that: it incorporates visual, auditory, and experiential components into a single, revolutionary training tool that helps learners better retain information. VR sales simulations from BBGU give learners the social interaction, job experience, and formal training needed for effective job training in one convenient package.

Understand the Technology

Bird B Gone University’s Virtual Reality training for bird control is a real-world learning experience. It’s an easily accessible virtual reality simulation that navigates learners through sales scenarios with prospective customers and facilitates learning through both social interactions and realistic simulated field experiences. VR learning gives professionals opportunities to discover and demonstrate the skills they need to successfully sell Bird B Gone bird control products and services. Virtual reality training from BBGU works on regular smartphones, tablets, and computers; no additional expensive equipment is required and there’s no fee to use the course. Simply turn on your device, open up the training module, and enter a virtual reality training environment unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It’s safe, cost effective, convenient, and, best of all, it works.

Take It to the Next Level

If you want to take your bird control business to the next level, begin by taking your training to the next level. Learn about BBGU’s new VR training today by registering online for updates on all that’s new and exciting from BBGU. Bird B Gone is a leader in providing innovative and effective bird control solutions for all industries and is now leading the way in creating groundbreaking virtual reality training resources for bird control professionals. Virtual reality training is a perfect supplement to standard online and classroom learning models, providing greater access to learning materials and enhancing the learner’s ability to retain information.

Join the millions around the world who are discovering the power of virtual reality training. Give your team the tools they need to reach potential customers in a whole new way. Be among the first to implement virtual reality training in your organization by signing up at Bird B Gone University so you don’t miss a thing about this exciting new approach to professional training.

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