The Ultimate Garden Protection - Garden Bird Netting

The Ultimate Garden Protection - Garden Bird Netting

Posted on May 26, 2014 by Ashley Johnson in Garden Bird Netting

While gardens are in full bloom this summer, protect the harvest with garden bird netting. The netting can be placed over or around the desired area. It can be used for a temporary solution to get rid of birds; once the birds leave, the netting can be taken down. However, if there is a constant pest bird issue in an area, the netting can be used permanently to deter birds from gardens.

Blueberries are a prime target to be eaten by pest birds. Keep birds away from your blueberry bushes this season with garden bird netting. Garden bird netting is a lightweight plastic mesh net used to temporarily protect fruit trees, blueberry bushes, gardens, vineyards, eaves and other areas from birds. It is a very low cost solution to get rid of birds, ensuring your produce is protected from contamination and being scavenged.

Bird Netting is used to prevent birds from accessing unwanted areas such as gardens, eaves, canopies, and more. The netting acts as a physical barrier to humanely prevent birds from reaching the desired location.

Bird Netting is the most effective way to prevent birds from nesting. Nesting birds can be quite territorial and are known to relentlessly protect and return to an established nesting site. Garden bird netting will eliminate protected garden areas from the potential of nesting birds.
The garden bird netting is made of U.V. protected polypropylene. The plastic netting is designed to keep pest birds from eating your crops and destroying your vegetation. It comes in a variety of mesh sizes: , and . It also comes in several cut sizes to fit different size garden or treatment areas.

When the birds realize they cannot access the blueberry bushes, they will move to a more fruitful area. Once the birds are gone you can remove the netting. Garden bird netting can be used for other fruit and berries as well.

Keep your harvest plentiful this year! Deter birds from your blueberries with garden bird netting!