Types of Humane Bird Control Products

Types of Humane Bird Control Products

Posted on March 3, 2016 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Control

Pest birds, as many property owners have discovered, can quickly become a costly nuisance. They can deface and damage equipment as well as buildings/structures and require constant cleaning and eventual repairs. But keeping pest birds away can pose a challenge. That’s because many homegrown methods are ineffective. And because many birds are protected by law, which means lethal means like poisons and pellet guns can’t be used to get rid of them. Fortunately, there are a number of effective and humane deterrents that are currently available for today’s property owners.

Bird Spikes

Ideal for keeping birds off ledges, rooftops, parapet walls, light fixtures and other flat or curves surfaces, bird spikes come in many types and sizes. Stainless steel spikes are extremely durable and ideal for use in punishing environments. Polycarbonate spikes come in a variety of colors and blend in with their environment (they also won’t interfere with communications antennas, since they’re plastic). Mega spikes are available to deter larger gulls. And gutter spikes keep birds from nesting in rain gutters.

Heavy Duty Netting

This rugged netting blocks out pest birds from overhangs and other semi-enclosed areas. The netting is easy to install using professional grade installation hardware. The best netting is made of a tough UV-stabilized polyethylene mesh, which is durable, rot and water proof, and flame resistant. The netting comes in several area sizes, mesh densities, and colors (usually, black, stone or white) to blend in with its background. This type of high quality netting is often specified in architectural plans and is backed by a 10-Year Guarantee.

Visual Deterrents

Exploiting a bird’s natural fear of predators, visual deterrents come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

Hawk Decoys. Most birds fear hawks as their natural enemy. Hawks hunt during the day when many birds are active. It’s best to get the most realistic looking replica you can afford and to choose decoys made of heavy duty plastic, which will last for years in sun and rain.

Coyote Decoys. These realistic looking, free-standing decoys intimidate ducks, geese and other large birds. The best decoys are made of weather-resistant durable plastic and come with metal rods and brackets for easy upright installation.

Flash Tape. Simple but surprisingly effective, this iridescent foil tape crackles in the breeze and reflects sunlight to scare birds away. Birds hear sounds 10 times faster than we do, so the crackling noise makes them too nervous to stay. And the mirrored red-and-silver surface bounces sunlight, which convinces pest birds there may be a fire nearby.

Bird Scare Balloons & Scare Eye Diverters. Inflatable “beach-ball” size bird scare balloons feature a large, mock predator eye to spook birds. Sporting an equally intimidating predator eye are tear-drop-shaped scare eye diverters. When these deterrents twist and bob in the breeze, they are perceived as life-like predators.

Sonic Deterrents

Sound-based bird deterrents broadcast pre-recorded distress and predator calls for many species of birds. They exploit a bird’s natural fear of predators and their acute sense of hearing. Sonic Deterrents can be set to scare a specific bird or placed on a "general" setting to scare all birds. The best sonic deterrents can be programmed to turn on or off at night and their sound output can be adjusted—from 65-105 decibels. The sounds resemble normal birdcalls, so they will not bother pets or people. Yet unlike ultrasonic bird deterrents, which birds can’t hear, these devices emit sounds within a bird’s hearing range, making them highly effective.

Chemical Repellents

Turf Sprays. These chemical repellents use a non-toxic liquid that makes grass unpalatable to many types of birds. Easily applied to grassy areas where birds like geese have become a nuisance, turf sprays are effective for use in parks, shorelines, golf course, cemeteries, lawns, yards, landscaping and shrubs. Made from a grape extract known as methyl anthranilate, the non-toxic grape chemical irritates birds’ trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes when it enters their eyes, nose or mouth. The best turf sprays typically last about three months outdoors, and won’t wash off with rain or water.

Sticky Repellents. Another chemical repellent that's equally effective creates an uncomfortable sticky landing area that makes birds uncomfortable. It's non-toxic and won't harm birds or people, yet it's effective for use against small or large pest birds. The thick, sticky substance can be used on ledges, trees, fences, bushes and shrubs.

Chemical Foggers. Ideal for deterring stubborn pest birds from large outdoor areas, chemical foggers use non-toxic liquid methyl anthranilate. Applied by professionals via thermal and ULV fogging machines, foggers are recommended for moving large flocks of pest birds, including, pigeons, grackles, geese, sparrows and starlings. They can be used to repel pest birds from trees, shrubs, rooftops, parks, golf courses, turf areas, substations, rooftops and landfills.

Consult the Experts

If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, Bird B Gone has over 80 years of combined experience in the field of bird control. We can help you with product selection, installation and cleanup. Just call us at (888) 570-0360 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email us at nobirds@birdbgone.com. We also work with a network of authorized installers, call today for a trained bird control professional in your area.