Usefulness of Bird Netting

Usefulness of Bird Netting

Posted on May 7, 2015 by Terri Anne Meyer in Bird Netting

Birds are fun to watch. Not so much fun to clean up after, however. It can cost individuals and businesses a lot of money to clean up after pest birds and to replace and repair the damage their droppings cause. There are many safe and humane ways to get rid of the pest birds. One of the most effective means of deterring the birds is the use of bird netting.

Without any form of bird control the pest birds will make themselves at home around your home in the eaves and in the garage; they will gravitate towards warehouses, airplane hangers, factories and any other covered area. The consequence of allowing this to happen is the droppings will ruin what they land on. This can include machinery such as forklifts, and products that may be in a warehouse, especially if it is food related. The birds and their droppings can also interfere with electrical panels and outlets. Fresh droppings create a different kind of hazard. Many slip-and-fall accidents have been reported caused by slippery bird droppings on walkways. Airport hangers are very susceptible to bird problems. Sparrows and starlings can accrue in the hanger, which could create a huge issue very quickly.

Another reason to keep birds out of these areas is because of the health risks associated with pest bird droppings. The droppings are known to carry and transmit any of 60 known diseases. For instance, Feral Pigeons carry Ornithosis, which is comparable to viral pneumonia. Bird droppings and nesting materials contain mites and insects of all kinds. The threat of disease is one more reason why bird netting is needed.

Bird netting is very versatile. It is effective and a humane bird control solution to any number of bird problems both commercially and around the home. It comes in an array of colors and several different mesh sizes. For larger birds 1-1/8” to 2” mesh size is the recommendation. Smaller size mesh is available for smaller birds like starlings and sparrows. The colors include black, white, stone and gray. Black bird netting provides natural U.V. protection and the netting will not discolor when it gets dusty or dirty.

Heavy Duty Bird Net is made to endure harsh industrial environments. This type of netting is ideal for areas such as airport hangers and warehouses. It is non-conductive, meaning it can be used around electrical systems and RF transmission systems without any interference. It also meets the requirement of ISO 1806 & 9001 Protocol Mesh Test for quality and mesh break strength. There are several stock sizes to fit your needs but the netting can also be cut to fit individual needs.

The netting is virtually invisible when installed correctly. In order to get this netting installed correctly, assistant is available for installation and design. It is important to obtain proper installation. If there is sagging, drooping or any gaps in the netting it will not be effective. The birds will be able to get through it. It is suggested that a cable be set up around the perimeter of the area being netted off and the netting be attached to the cable.

Other types of netting available are No Knot Bird Netting and Garden Bird Netting. All types of netting are excellent barriers for keeping birds out.