Using Bird Control Lasers to deter flocking birds

Using Bird Control Lasers to deter flocking birds

Posted on June 23, 2016 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Deterrents

Property owners, farmers/growers and municipal facilities have long had a costly run in with pest birds. The problem lies in their sheer numbers. Thousands of starlings, grackles or crows can quickly overwhelm an area, devastating crops, wreaking havoc at airports (bird strikes), and leaving acres of disease-carrying droppings in their wake. Flocking bird droppings and nesting materials can damage expensive machinery, clog rain gutters/runoff systems, and ultimately create expensive repairs for property owners and municipalities.

Many Birds are Protected 

Getting rid of flocking birds can pose a challenge, since many birds are protected by law and cannot be killed or injured. Property owners and municipalities have found that the only viable solution is to use humane, proven effective bird repellents. This is where bird lasers can provide the ideal solution.

Aerolaser Groundflex System for Airports

Ideal for getting rid of flocking birds around airport “hot spots,” the Aerolaser Groundflex easily repels ducks, seagulls, herons, crows, parrots, lapwings and more. Birds perceive the approaching laser beam as a physical “threat,” causing them to fly away. The continuously moving laser beam keeps areas free of birds, 24/7. The laser is safe for aviation, humans and birds. Its long-range beam (up to 2,500 meters) repels birds across vast distances and wide areas up to 19 km2. The laser beam can be set to sweep an area in random intervals to keep birds from getting used to the laser. To ensure accurate and safe positioning, the laser beam has a resolution up to 0.003 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions. The horizon safety system, optical encoders and self-calibration features ensure that the laser beam does not drift away from the pre-set positions. For maximum operational flexibility in the field, the system can operate on both conventional AC power and a Lithium-ion power pack charged by integrated solar panels. Housed in a rugged module, the system remains stable even during harsh weather conditions.

Aerolaser® Handheld for Airports

Effective and easy to use, the Aerolaser® Handheld safely repels flocking birds from airports and requires minimal training. Aerolaser® technology has been successfully tested on birds from many different continents. The device can repel nuisance birds over a distance of 2,500 meters, even on bright days. It provides a sustainable, humane method for preventing bird strikes. Aerolaser® comes with rechargeable batteries, a scope for exceptional accuracy, and a power charger.

Agrilaser® Lite for Farms, Fields, Warehouses

Employing advanced, patented optical laser-beam technology, the Agrilaser® Lite harmlessly repels flocking birds over great distances—up to 2,500 meters. Developed with the help of farmers and ornithologists, the Agrilaser® Lite is animal friendly and ideal for repelling a variety of birds. It is most effective during sunrise and sunset, and in overcast, rainy or foggy weather conditions. The Agrilaser® Lite comes with two rechargeable batteries and a power charger.

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