Visual and Sound Bird Deterrents

Visual and Sound Bird Deterrents

Posted on November 27, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Sound Bird Deterrents

There are quite a few different effective resources to keep birds out and away from your garden, home and business.  One method is using visual bird deterrents.  Visual deterrents are used to scare birds from an area.  They work by using a common scare trigger such as predator features and reflective materials.  When the birds spot the visual deterrent they will leave the area.  This type of product is ideal for a garden area, other places around the home and the outside areas of a business.  It is a very low-cost way to keep the area protected.

There are many products to choose from in this category.  There are scare bird garden stakes, scare balloons, flash tape, reflective scare bird diverters and even Red Tail Hawk decoys.  Protecting an area before birds begin to congregate is the best solution in maintaining a bird-free environment.

Scare Bird Garden Stakes

Scare Bird Garden Stakes are a good and inexpensive bird deterrent to use amongst the garden plants.  The stakes are shaped like sunflowers but are still effective as a visual bird deterrent.  In the center of the flower there is an iridescent foil scare eye design that will frighten birds away.  The installation is as easy as driving the stakes into the ground.  The stakes are made from durable plastic, perfect for long lasting outdoor use.  They will not only scare birds away but add a unique garden décor to the yard.

Scare Balloons

Scare balloons are another product good for around the yard.  You can even fill one of the balloons up with air and water, and it can float in the hot tub or pool to keep birds from contaminating the water.  The balloons have a reflective surface as well as a predator eye design and they are brightly colored.  All these factors work together causing confusion for the bird and they will want to avoid the area were the scare balloons are placed.  They can be places in regular trees as well as fruit trees, balconies, gazebos, overhands, boats, patios and the side of the home.

Flash Tape

Another very simple and cost effective visual bird deterrent is a holographic flash tape.  It is designed from commercial grade Mylar.  When the light hits the reflective surface it creates a visual distraction for the bird.  Along with the visual disturbance it rustles in the breeze causing it to be also a sound deterrent.  The combination of the sound and visual disturbance causes the birds to flee the area.  Wherever the flash tape is used; fruit trees, patios, overhangs, boats, creates a visual/audio distraction zone.  The tape will deter many different types of birds including pigeons, seagulls, woodpeckers, swallows, sparrows, crows, blackbirds, ducks, geese and many more.

Red Tail Hawk Decoy

The hawk decoy is a life-like red-tailed hawk.  It is the natural predator of most backyard pest birds.  You could have the hawk decoy sitting on a post near the garden.  Red Tailed Hawks hunt during the day making it a more identifiable predator than the owl species who hunt during the night when birds are roosting.  The pest birds will want to avoid their predator when the decoy is set up.

Sound Bird Deterrents

There are a few sound deterrents that address a wide range of pest bird problems and work with a quite a few areas such as commercial, residential, industrial and municipal.

The Bird Chase Super Sonic is simple to use.  The sound bird deterrent can be programmed to frighten of specific species of birds.  If the species is unknown there is a general setting that will take care of most species.  It works by playing distress calls sporadically that will cause the birds to flee from the area.  It can be programmed to play during the day and night, or just daytime.

The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic has similar features but with the added sustainability of solar.  This product is energy efficient.

The Sonic Shield Pest Deterrent is different in that it deters more than just pest birds, but will frighten away other pests known to cause havoc; raccoons, possums, gophers, squirrels and other four legged animals lurking around day and night.  There is a daytime mode and nighttime mode.  Daytime mode uses flashing LED lights and the sound of a barking dog to scare away the birds and critters.  The nighttime mode uses only the flashing lights.  It’s idea for a patio or balcony to keep the critters out of your potted plants and the squirrels away from eating the hose.

It is always a good idea to keep the bird deterrents new and fresh by moving the hawk to a new spot occasionally and changing the locations of the diverters and balloons.  This will keep the birds from getting used to any one type of bird deterrent.