Which Avian Repellent is Right for You?

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Which Avian Repellent is Right for You?

Posted on September 30, 2019 by Bird B Gone in avian control

The goal of any bird control program is to create an atmosphere for birds that is unattractive, unpleasant, and undesirable. Faced with these unfriendly circumstances, birds will leave to find more hospitable environments to nest, feed, and gather. Powerful and effective bird repellents are a critical component of creating an uninviting environment for nuisance birds, especially in gardens, commercial agricultural locations, and other large-scale areas such as golf courses, marinas, airports, and athletic fields. In these and other similar locations, liquid bird repellents are an important component of a strategic bird control program, serving to deter birds from entering the space and helping to maintain a bird-free zone. Bird B Gone offers several outstanding AVIAN liquid repellents proven to keep birds away.

Get to Know Methyl Anthranilate

The active ingredient in AVIAN bird repellents is Methyl Anthranilate (MA). MA is a non-toxic, earth-friendly, EPA-approved substance proven to repel all types of nuisance birds, including geese. MA is totally safe for use around humans, pets, and other terrestrial animals because it’s derived from sources such as concord grapes. grape seeds. To people, MA has a mild grape smell, reminiscent of grape soda or bubblegum. To birds, however, MA is miserable; it acts like pepper spray and agitates their trigeminal nerve, irritating their eyes, beak, and throat. Birds really hate MA. MA is “Generally Regarded as Safe” by the US Food and Drug Administration and is benign enough to use in a variety of applications. When it comes to safety, ease, and effectiveness, nothing works better to repel pest birds than methyl anthranilate.

Three Powerful Solutions

You’ll find three AVIAN bird repellents that contain the active ingredient methyl anthranilate at Bird B Gone. All three products are effective at repelling all nuisance birds, including:

  • Geese
  • Flocking birds such as starlings and blackbirds
  • Crows
  • Pigeons
  • Coot
  • Mute Swans
  • Robins
  • And many others!

AVIAN Migrate

The popular product, AVIAN Migrate, is a liquid repellent that contains a 14.5% concentration of MA. This EPA registered, non-toxic repellent discourages nuisance birds from congregating and grazing on lawns and grassy areas, in dumpsters, and around marinas and landscaping. One gallon covers approximately 16,000 sq. ft. of turf, just over 1/3 of an acre. AVIAN Migrate contains a special colorant visible only to the birds, letting them know the area has been treated and teaching them to stay away in the future. Avian Migrate can either be sprayed or fogged for desired effect and should be reapplied following cutting or heavy rain.

AVIAN Control

AVIAN Control contains a 20% concentration of MA and is registered as safe to use for most crops. One gallon of AVIAN Control will cover approximately 4 acres; its higher concentration and large coverage area make it a viable repellent solution for large commercial and agricultural areas. Like AVIAN Migrate, AVIAN Control can be sprayed or fogged. Spray AVIAN Control over crops, large expanses of turf, livestock feed, or trees and shrubs to keep nuisance birds; one treatment can last up to 14 days depending on weather conditions.

AVIAN Fog Force

The AVIAN Fog Force Bird Repellent Time Release Aerosol System uses the same active ingredient (MA) as AVIAN Migrate and AVIAN Control at a 14.5% concentration in a convenient, easy to use programmable dispenser system. One canister will repel birds from a 42,000 sq. ft. area for 30 days, dispensing the repellent at pre-programmed intervals. AVIAN Fog Force is an ideal solution for semi-enclosed areas that are attractive to birds, such as barns, stadiums, marinas, garages, pools, and outdoor eating areas.

Bird Control Solutions for Any Environment

Bird B Gone has a repellent that’s right for you. Contact our bird control experts today to discuss your situation and choose from our range of products that provide effective and humane bird control solutions. Our experts provide advice, training, and technical support. Choose from a complete line of Avian Repellent products from Bird B Gone. 

Interact with our infographic below to find out more about which Avian product is right for your pest bird problem.

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