Why Birds Nest Under Solar Panels?  Bird Proof Your Panels

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Why Birds Nest Under Solar Panels? Bird Proof Your Panels

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Bird B Gone in pigeon proofing

If you find yourself asking, “why birds nest under my solar panels?”, you’re not alone . We listed a few proven pigeon proofing tips below, but first let’s explain why they are attracted to your rooftop.

Why Birds Nest Under Solar Panels?

The frustrating truth is that pigeons are drawn to solar panels for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • The view. Pigeons and other birds love a good view because it allows them to scout for food and water. The best place for a solar panel - up high, exposed to the sun, and away from any features that might block the view - are exactly the same features that attract pigeons. Outside cities, pigeons gather and nest on cliffs; your rooftop is simply the urban variety.
  • The protection. Another feature pigeons look for when choosing a nesting and roosting site is protection from predators and the weather. They don’t want just any old “cliff,” they want one that offers both a great view and safe shelter. Your solar panels are perfect. A nest built under a solar panel is shady, warm, protected from rain and wind, and hidden from predators.

Will Nesting Pigeons Come Back?

Yes, it is the unfortunate truth. Once pigeons locate under your solar panels, they’ll keep coming back. Pigeons are homing birds, which means they return to previous nesting sites season after season after season. If you don’t put a stop to it, they will most likely keep multiplying. 

Great for the Pigeons. Bad for Your Solar Panels

While your rooftop solar panels are great for the pigeons, pigeons are genuinely not great for your panels. Pigeons cause hundred of thousand of dollars of damage to solar panels every year in the following ways:

  1. The poop. It’s not pleasant to think about, but nevertheless it’s important to be blunt: bird poop is a disaster for solar panels. Poop on the surface of the panels interferes with the function of the panels and, if left to “cook” in the sun, will cause permanent discoloration and damage. Poop under the panels is no good either. Bird droppings are highly acidic and will eat through electrical equipment and damage roofing membranes, shingles, and even tiles. As droppings accumulate, they may run down the side of the building and cause an unsightly mess or they may dry and enter the structure through vents and HVAC systems as tiny, toxic dust particles. Any way you look at it, bird poop around your solar panels is a bad situation.
  2. The mess. While bird bests may be charming, they’re also messy. Birds scatter nesting materials in every direction. Nests are often held together with a noxious combination of droppings and other fluids, making them a serious health hazard. But it doesn’t just look bad; birds also enjoy pecking away at the equipment under the panels. They pull at wires and nip at panels, nothing’s off limits to pest birds.
  3. The other guests. Birds attract other visitors to your solar panels. Squirrels, bats, rats, mice, and insects—they’ll all move in to join the birds. Theses critters will chew through your wiring and tear up the place faster than you can say, “Bird B Gone.”

You simply cannot afford to allow pigeons to live under your solar panels. The costs are just too great.

Tips to Pigeon-Proof Your Solar Panels

To recap:

  • Pigeons are attracted to solar panels
  • Pigeons destroy solar panels
  • Pigeons will keep coming back

Here are 3 tips to help rid your solar panels of pigeons:

1. Install Solar Panel Mesh 

Solar mesh is a low-tech solution to protect your high-tech solar panels. The system is simple and involves  clipping wire mesh panels to the edges of your solar panels. The mesh prevents birds and other animals from accessing the space beneath your solar panels; air can still circulate beneath the panels, but nothing else will get through. The clips won’t damage your panels and the system can be installed quickly. Once in place, solar mesh requires minimal maintenance and has a clean look with minimal visual impact. It’s a humane solution to the pest bird problem.

Solar Mesh installation is not difficult, but it’s a process best accomplished by a professional installer. This is because it’s important to clean the area thoroughly utilizing proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This space can be difficult to work in because of the height, the angle, the need to work carefully around the solar panel components. Bird B Gone has  solar mesh installers throughout the country who are specially trained to safely remove the debris and install the panels all while working in difficult, even dangerous, situations. Call us today with questions about the product and to request information about a Solar Panel Mesh installer in your area.

2. Install Bird Spike

Even when the space beneath your panels is protected, you may find birds still enjoying hanging around your panels.  Bird spikes are a great addition to help keep birds away. Spikes safely prevent birds from getting a foothold so they are unable to land. The spikes are blunt and slightly flexible, so they are uncomfortable but not painful. Installed in strategic locations and used in combination with solar mesh, spikes will add an extra layer of protection for your solar panels.

3. Clean Up

Birds need to eat. If there’s no food near your property, they’re less likely to stick around. Keep the yard and garden clean and tidy. Empty trash and store pet food where birds can’t reach it. Birds are also attracted to their own messes, so clear up any evidence of bird visitation as soon as you see it. Wash away droppings and keep your solar system and all its component in good repair.

Solar Mesh: Essential Maintenance for Your Solar Panels

Pigeon-proofing your solar panels is a critical component of maintaining your solar panel system and keeping it in good working order. Follow these tips to prevent birds from damaging your system and don’t hesitate to  ask the bird control experts at Bird B Gone for more information.

Our team of bird control professionals know how to safely protect your solar array from pest bird damage. We have the experience and the products to keep your home or business bird free. Call us today at 800-392-6915 to learn how we can help and check out all our solar panel bird control solutions.