Goose Repellents

Got Geese? Time For Goose Repellents

Every spring the Canada Geese fly north to have their young, usually ending up in Canada and the northern United States. They choose nice grassy areas near water, areas like parks, airports, golf courses and your back yard. During spring and summer the geese will feed on grasses and sedges.

A single goose can eat up to 4 pounds of grass a day creating about 3 pounds of poop.

During fall and winter Canada Geese will eat berries and seeds, some are especially fond of blueberries. The geese nest in a large cup type nest on the grounds. It is made of dry grasses, lichens, mosses and other plant material and lined with down and some body feathers.

If you find your property covered with Canada Geese, it is time to use a goose repellent.

Types of Goose Repellents

Liquid Goose Repellents work on the lawn and bushes that the geese graze on. The Migrate goose repellent is a non-toxic food grade liquid used to flavor the lawn and shrubs so the geese do not like the taste and more on. The active ingredient in the goose repellent is Methyl Anthranilate, a non-toxic grape extract that irritates the goose’s trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes through entry in the eyes, nose or mouth. The geese do not like the sensation and will leave to a better area to graze.

Goose Repellents that Scare Geese Away

Scare Goose Repellents use the bird’s natural instinct to scare them away from the area. The sonic goose repellent plays LOUD distress and predator calls, when the geese here the calls their natural instinct is to flee the area and find a safer place to graze and raise their young.

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