Keep Birds Away

Choosing the right product to keep birds away from your property can be a little overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve listed the three major types of bird control products below. These three categories range from physical bird control, visual bird control and sound bird control products, all of which depends on your particular bird control problem.

You might be experiencing a new bird problem at your house or your business might be inundated with a severe bird problem. Pest birds are responsible for hundreds to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage each year for home owners, property owners and facility managers. Not only are birds and their nests a sore site, but their droppings are also acidic and can quickly cause damage and erode building materials. Incorporating the right bird control system can drastically reduce the amount of time and money spent cleaning up messes or restoring damaged property.

Physical Bird Control Products

Physical bird deterrents are used to keep birds from landing on specific concentrated areas. These types of deterrents are completely humane and safe for birds. The goal of the deterrent is not to harm but to make the area undesirable and inhospitable for the bird to land or keep landing. Designed for areas that are experiencing moderate to severe bird problems, this category of products are typically more of a long-term to permanent solution.

Our physical deterrents range from wind and solar powered devices to bird spikes and electric bird control track. This type of bird control can help keep birds away from the following areas:

  • Rooftop and ridgeline of your home
  • Parapet Walls on a commercial building
  • Storefront Sign
  • Loading dock for warehouse

Visual Bird Control Products

Visual Bird deterrents are designed to frighten birds, scaring them away from the area. This category of items are made  to be highly reflective and/or mimic natural predators. When pest birds see these deterrents, it triggers their natural instincts to flee the area. 

Popular in the home and garden industry, these products are easy to install and store when needed. This category of visual deterrents are fantastic for those with light to moderate bird problems. Visual deterrents are effective for small to medium sized birds and ideal for the following outdoor areas:

  • Gardens and fruit trees
  • Porches and patios
  • Pools and other outdoor areas

Sound Bird Control Products

Sound bird deterrents generally are used for wide open outdoor areas, where physical deterrents are not an option. Bird B Gone sound deterrents use a combination of bird distress calls and predatory calls to frighten and scare pest birds away from areas. These prerecorded calls are broadcasted loudly over large areas to trigger the natural instinct of small to medium sized birds to flee.

Because birds hear on the same sound range as people, our recorded distress calls are audible to the human ear. Making ultrasonic sound systems ineffective when deterring birds. Don’t be fooled when it comes to sound deterrents, make sure to choose a sound deterrent with audible prerecorded bird calls.
Adjusting the sound to work for your specific environment is key to successfully deter unwanted pest birds. Sound deterrents will help keep birds away from the following areas:

  • Large open areas
  • Farms, vineyards and other agricultural projects
  • Large residential properties
  • Golf courses, sports fields, and more

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