Repeller 360 Replacement Flags


Repeller 360 replacement flags (2/pk).



Replacing Damaged Repeller 360 Flags

The existing flags are attached to the metal rods of the Repeller 360 with a small drop of glue. To remove your damaged flags, we recommend:

  • Crushing the plastic base of each damaged flag connected to the metal Repeller arm with vice grips or pliers. This force should crack/break the glue seal bonding the damaged flag to the metal rod.
  • Remove any existing debris or glue from the Repeller 360 rod with a cloth or sandpaper
  • Once the rod is clean, place a few drops of Super Glue or similar construction grade epoxy to the tip of the metal rod
  • Firmly push your replacement flag onto the metal rod, making sure the rod is fully inserted into the flag base and that the tip of the flag is oriented up or pointing away from the base of your Repeller 360.
  • Allow the glue to set and fully cure per the glue manufacturers' specifications prior to use.


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