Bird B Gone Pneumatic Hog Rings


Note: Bird B Gone Pneumatic Hog Rings can only be used with the Bird B Gone Pneumatic Hog Ring Tool. Hog Rings are used to securely attach bird control netting to cable perimeters systems. Hog Rings can also be used to attach net accessory items such as net zippers and patch minor tears in netting. Hog ring magazines load easily and quickly into the pneumatic tool. Hog Rings come in a ‘C’ shape with sharp points to pierce surfaces when crimped. Once the ring is crimped with a hog ring tool the shape will change to an ‘O’ ring. Pneumatic Hog Rings come in 10,000 per box and are available in galvanized or stainless steel material. 

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Once a perimeter cable has been installed for a bird net installation, hog rings are used to attach the netting to the cable.  Pneumatic Hog Rings come 10,000 per box and are available in stainless steel or galvanized. 

Key Points and Benefits

  • Use only with Bird B Gone Pneumatic Hog Ring Tool 
  • Ideal for large and small Bird Net installations 
  • Attaches netting to the perimeter cable
  • Sharp points for utility installations 
  • Magazines load quickly and efficiently 
  • Choose from stainless steel or galvanized
  • 10,0000 per box

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