Bird Scape (1/pk)


The Bird Scape is a net accessory utilized when birds known to be stuck in the netted area. The Bird Scape has a cone shaped funnel design allowing for a one way exit. The design of this accessory allows for birds to humanely escape areas that have been permanently netted off. Easy to use, the Bird Scape can be directly attached to the net with a hog ring tool and hog rings. Once all known birds have vacated, the Bird Scape can be removed and closed off. Install one or several depending on the size of the net installation.



The Bird Scape is a netting accessory that lets trapped birds leave netted off areas. The Bird Scape has a funnel that birds can fly out of, but not back into. Bird Scape installs directly into bird netting with hog rings. 

  • Allows trapped birds to leave netted off areas
  • Installs directly into bird net
  • Sold individually

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