Bird Deterrents for Garden – Red Tailed Hawk Decoy

Bird Deterrents for Garden – Red Tailed Hawk Decoy

Posted on September 8, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Visual Bird Deterrents

One of summer’s greatest pleasures is growing berries in the backyard.  Berries are not the only pleasure, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers are also delicious produce found in the garden.   To keep the garden flourishing it needs fertilizing, watering, pruning and fussing over constantly.  A form of bird control is also needed. This will keep plants from being devoured and ruined by pest birds.

Bird control strategies that keep the pest bird from eating your bounty is needed.   It is needed in big orchards, backyard garden or community gardens in the neighborhood.  Birds will be birds.  Their behavior of roosting and nesting is taking place near your backyard garden.  If you want to attract birds to their backyard, add a water and food source.  Gardens are just that to the birds.  They are a water and food source.  Bird deterrents for gardens are essential in keeping the pests away.

Frightening the pest birds away from water and food sources near your backyard will help save your garden plants.  It will also benefit your structures; homes, barns, garages, patio coverings, awnings and pools.  Pest birds leave behind quite a mess.  They leave behind their nasty droppings.  Bird feces are highly acidic and can stain and ruin many structures from paint to metals.  Accumulated droppings also harbor parasites, disease and bugs, including the bed bug.  Roosting and nesting sites harbor over forty different types of parasites and host over sixty types of infectious diseases.

To get rid of pest birds the primary motivating factor is fear.  When pest birds feel fear, it is fight or flight.  It is instinctual.  Red-tailed Hawks are birds of prey and a natural predator to most backyard pest birds. The Red-Tailed Hawk will frighten the pest birds away from the blueberry plants.  It will frighten them away from the entire garden. This is what makes the life-like hawk decoy one of the best bird deterrents for gardens.   The hawk decoy is like the real Red-Tailed Hawk.  It elevates itself over the garden.  It swoops down to seize its prey. They fly low to catch a pest bird.   The hawk’s active flight is slow and deliberate.  It flaps its wings as little as possible to conserve energy.  Hawks are more likely to hut during the daytime.  This makes them a more recognizable predator than owl decoys.

An attractive perch with the hawk decoy attached can be added to your backyard.  it can be placed on the patio, patio cover, rooftop or any other flat surface.  It can be place in the eaves of the home.  The hawk decoy can even hang in various areas as well.  The decoys are perfect for long term outdoor use.  They are made of durable plastic.

Hawk decoys are an inexpensive way to get rid of the pest bird from your garden area.  They are effective for small and large pest birds. The hawk decoy is a bird deterrent for gardens that will frighten birds away.  The decoy causes no harm to the birds.  The Migratory Bird Treaty Act protects most backyard pest birds from harm and injury.   The decoy is a safe and humane bird deterrent.  It will keep the birds away.  You will be able to enjoy a fail-safe abundance of blueberries. You will also enjoy summer smoothies and blueberry pies, or in your morning oatmeal.