The Best Bird Control Problem is the One That Never Happened

The Best Bird Control Problem is the One That Never Happened

Posted on February 26, 2020 by Bird B Gone in Bird Netting

If we didn’t know better, we’d bet that birds are, deep down in their hearts, totally anti-business. Birds seem instinctively drawn to businesses of all kinds; warehouses, hangars, parking lots, loading docks, garages, rooftops, and signs are magnets for all manner of birds, including sparrows, pigeons, gulls, geese, crows, and many others. While it’s certain that the plentiful availability of food, shelter, nesting materials, and comfortable loitering spots surrounding various facilities are the actual attractions, it’s nevertheless somehow uncanny how these pestilential creatures can find a business and choose to hang out in the spots that pose the most difficult challenges for owners. And once birds move in, it’s very difficult to get them to leave; their persistent presence will unquestionably cause damage to your business, your property, and maybe even your brand. It’s almost as if they’re causing trouble on purpose.

Watch for the Signs

Here’s the truth: where there’s a business, there will be birds. It’s virtually guaranteed. And here’s another truth: where there are birds, there will be damage. The damage might be limited to minor structural cleaning issues or it could be as serious as slips and falls, disease, health code violations, blocked drains, or even electrical problems. To be clear, an occasional bird dropping by is not a problem; full-blown bird infestations are the problem. The following are signs of a bird infestation:

Visual Presence

The consistent presence of birds sitting on roofs, cables, and ledges indicates a problem.

Recurrent Droppings

When droppings build up, recur in the same place, or become readily visible, it’s a sign of birds coming to stay.


When you hear continuous bird sounds, especially from young birds, it’s an indication of a bird problem.


Birds who build homes in your facility aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Building a nest is a messy process. If you can’t see the nests themselves, the presence of scattered bits of debris is a good indication of nesting activities.


Aside from droppings, roosting and nesting birds cause other damage to property such as holes from pecking or chewed wires.

If you suspect you have a bird infestation, it’s critical to take immediate action.

Exclusion is the Answer

Exclusion, preventing birds from entering your space, is the best answer for preventing and eliminating avian infestations. Heavy-duty bird netting systems are a 100% effective, humane way to exclude birds from your business, especially in zero-tolerance zones, and keep them away for good. Once installed, bird netting establishes a secure physical barrier that has minimal visual impact. Bird netting systems, such as our heavy duty bird netting, are effective for all kinds of objects, structures, and openings and are ideally suited for industrial, architectural, , and agricultural bird exclusion.

Bird Net 2000™ is a heavy-duty polyethylene net designed to prevent all species of birds from roosting or nesting on protected property, from the largest gulls to the smallest sparrows and every bird in between. Bird Net 2000™ is a knotted net made from durable 6-stranded UV-treated polyethylene twine. We carry several stock sizes and are happy to provide custom cuts. We also carry a range of professional tools and hardware to make installation a breeze and we offer superior customer service before and after purchase. Our team of experts can help with every aspect of your project, including the following:


If you’re in the midst of a bird infestation, it’s important to cleanup before installing pigeon netting. Our experts are here to help you eliminate the mess safely.


We’ll design a layout that solves your bird problem and fits your budget.


We offer a number of different netting products. Our experts will help determine which exclusion netting is right for your business.


Our team will help you calculate the quantity of netting and other installation materials needed to get the job done right.


Bird B Gone has numerous resources to help you with installation, including online videos and manuals, plus experts you can call with your questions. We also have local installers we trust that can do the work for you.

Get Ahead of the Problem

Getting ahead of the problem is the best way to prevent costly repairs and cleanup. While it’s impossible to fully predict bird behavior, it is possible to identify patterns and anticipate problems. If you have a new business or birds have not yet moved in, bird netting is an excellent way to avoid the inevitable. If your business facilities include any of the following features, an exclusion strategy involving heavy-duty bird netting is a wise investment:

  • Open loading bays
  • Warehouses
  • Courtyards or balconies, especially where food is consumed
  • Exposed eaves
  • Large, 3-D, mounted signage
  • Ceilings with exposed pipes or beams
  • Exposed recreation areas such as tennis courts that require protection prior to play
  • Vulnerable wildlife
  • And many, many others

Don’t Let Your Business Go to the Birds

Take action now to protect your business from birds. Bird B Gone is the industry leader in bird control products. Our bird netting products are the highest-quality nets available on the market and our customer service team is the best, bar none. Talk to the experts at Bird B Gone today about protecting your business. We’re here to help with product selection, installation, and cleanup. Call us today at 800-392-6915 or email us at for a catalog, pricing, or product samples.