No Knot Bird Netting


No-Knot Bird Netting is a heavy-duty, flame-resistant polypropylene knotless bird net used to block birds from entering unwanted areas. No-Knot Netting is made from a UV stabilized mesh and excludes all birds. Bird Netting is the most efficient and effective method for excluding birds and is effective for all bird species. The netting creates a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing or nesting. Bird B Gone offers a complete line of professional-grade installation hardware to suit any job and can assist with design and installation. For custom cut sizes (100 sq ft. minimum), call our office at 800-392-6915.

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Was: $218.75
Now: $181.25

Bird Species
All birds
Where to Use
Roofs, warehouses, loading docks, airplane hangars, and other exposed enclosures
Bird Pressure
Light to Heavy
UV protected, polypropylene knotted netting
Burst Strength
ISO 1806 and 9001 protocol tested: 40 lbs. burst strength
Thermal Properties
High Temp: 320° F to 338 ° F; Low Temp: - 250° F
Chemical Properties
Polypropylene is chemically inert and highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals at ordinary temperatures. Fibers have a high resistance to acids and alkalies. Does not rot or absorb water and will not mildew.
Electrical Properties
10-years from manufacturer’s defects and defects caused by U.V. breakdown

No-Knot Bird Netting is often preferred over heavy-duty bird netting because it is soft on your hands. Our bird & pigeon netting has the longest guarantee on the market (10 years) and has been tested using both the ISO 1806 and 9001 Protocol Mesh Tests. Each bird net is thoroughly inspected, tagged and signed before leaving our warehouse. Custom cuts available (100 sq ft. minimum)

No Knot Bird Netting Features and Benefits

  • 3/4” mesh excludes all birds
  • Super-strong, light and easy to install
  • Easy to handle, soft on your hands
  • UV stabilized, rot proof, and waterproof
  • ISO 1806 and 9001 protocol tested; 40 lb. burst strength
  • Multi-stranded polypropylene fiber
  • High resistance to acids and alkalies; non-conductive
  • Virtually invisible when installed
  • #1 specified by Architects

Heavy-Duty Bird Netting is most effective when installed properly. Improper installation can lead to sagging or drooping of the net, leading to gaps that birds can get through. We recommend that a cable be set up around the perimeter of the area being netted off and the net attached to this cable. Download the complete set of installation instructions. Refer to installation videos for additional support or contact our office at 800-392-6915.

Commercial Pricing Available: 800-392-6915

If you need additional information to specify No Knot Bird Netting, please call us at 800-392-6915. Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) objects and system files are free to download in revit or dwg formats for use with all major BIM and CAD software including AutoCAD, Sketch-Up, ArchiCAD and others. By downloading and using any detailed content you agree to our terms and conditions.

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