Bird-Free Boats: Effective Humane Marine Bird Control

Bird-Free Boats: Effective Humane Marine Bird Control

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Bird B Gone in Bird Control

Sunshine, cool breezes, and gentle waves bring out boats and people and birds. In fact, it sometimes seems birds enjoy a relaxing day out on the boat every bit as much as you and your friends and family. As a result, boats and marinas take a lot of abuse from nuisance birds. Seagulls, cormorants, pigeons, and pelicans are attracted to the many lofty perches these waterside locales provide. Masts, canvas covers, radars, and railings give these birds the perfect places to catch their breath, enjoy the sights, gather with other feathered friends, and scope out their next meal.

These winged visitors aren’t simply annoying boat guests that have worn out their welcome; they’re guests that trash the place every time they come over. Birds indiscriminately leave behind copious amounts of acidic droppings that damage and defile boat covers, gaskets, sails, outboard engines, sliding doors, deck surfaces, and antennas. When wet, bird droppings create a significant slipping hazard which is never good on a boat, and, when dried by the sun, droppings create a mess that’s difficult to remove and that sometimes creates expensive, permanent damage. Bird droppings are also toxic and pose a real health risk for human occupants.

Seaworthy Solutions

Left unchecked, birds can completely take over boats and marinas. Their pervasive presence as well as their nasty messes can interfere with your ability to enjoy the water and your boat. The good news is that Bird B Gone offers a number of effective solutions designed to safely and humanely keep birds off your boat, leaving you free to relax, unwind, and enjoy.


The Bird B Gone Bird Spider 360° is the industry leader among marine bird control devices. This patented apparatus consists of a polycarbonate base outfitted with flexible, no-tangle “arms” that bounce and sway in the wind. The newly-designed pressure-fit top keeps the arms rotating freely around the base and the resulting movement creates a visual distraction zone that safely and effectively deters birds from coming near the area. Bird Spider 360° arms will not harm people or birds, even when in motion. They are made of rustproof stainless steel and have polycarbonate tips that add the small amount of weight necessary for movement and that prevent scratches and scuffing. Bird B Gone Bird Spider 360° is pre-assembled, easy to install, and comes equipped with a glue-on base that permanently attaches to any surface. Optional bases are available including a railing mount, cross arm boat base, and a removable sand-bag base.

Bird Spider 360° is a versatile bird control solution. It comes in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot diameters, allowing you to choose your field of deterrence. It’s made from strong, UV protected materials that withstand the sunlight, high winds, and harsh weather associated with waterfront locations. In addition, the Bird Spider is a stand-alone deterrent that easily mounts wherever you need it. Four different mounting options give you the flexibility to place Bird Spider 360° where you need it.

Permanent Mounting

The standard base can be permanently glued on using construction-grade adhesives or screwed on using included #10 screws. The pressure fitted base allows you to pop the arms out for easy stowing when underway. This mount is great for the following:

  • Hull
  • Cabin top
  • Dock pilings
  • Antennas

Portable Sandbag Base

Although the sand-bag base is weighted, it should always be secured to the boat as high winds or extreme weather shifts can remove the sandbag. Set your sandbag up in the following locations:

  • Canvas T-tops
  • Bimini Tops
  • Hull
  • Large decks

Rail Mount Base

The railing mount easily secures to railing sizes up to 1 7/8” thick and is easily removed and stowed while sailing or cruising. Possibilities include the following:

  • Railings
  • Pole fences
  • Locations that accept a C-clamp

Boat Base

The cross arm and eyelet design allows the boat base to wrap around and be secured to poles and other surfaces. It’s easy to remove and stow while sailing or cruising. The versatile boat base can be used in the following locations:

  • Masts
  • Booms
  • Spreaders
  • Poles


The Repeller 360° from Bird B Gone is another outstanding wind-powered deterrent device. The Repeller 360° has two bright red "sails" mounted at opposite ends of a 6-foot stainless steel arm. Each sail is outfitted with a reflective “bird predator” eye that intimidates birds. The combination of the wide 6’ diameter, the predator eyes, and the movement of the arms creates a powerful distraction for all species of marine birds. Bird B Gone’s Repeller 360° is pre-assembled, easy to install, and provides safe and human bird deterrence in a variety of marine settings, including boats, docks, biminis, skylights, dock pilings, and many more. The patented Bird B Gone Repeller 360° features rustproof stainless-steel arms attached to a UV-protected polycarbonate base; the unique design is durable and withstands the wind and harsh weather common to water locations. The Repeller 360° can be used with the rail mount, sandbag, and boat base for enhanced versatility. Place this exceptional deterrent anywhere birds like to land to keep your boat bird free.


Stainless steel bird spikes are ideal for use in harsh marine environments. They provide safe and effective anti-perching and anti-roosting protection for boats, marinas, and docks. The spike strips prevent birds from landing, are durable, easy to use, and are completely safe; our weatherproof stainless-steel spikes come mounted in a UV-protected polycarbonate base and will never harm birds. Built for fast and easy installation, Bird-B-Gone plastic spikes easily attach to masts, spreaders, radar units, and other lofty areas of your vessel using zip ties. Plastic spikes keep the birds away, never interfere with RF signals and other communications devices, and can be stowed away when you're ready to set sail.

Boating is Better with Bird B Gone

Protect your boat from bird damage with innovative bird control solutions from Bird B Gone. Bird B Gone is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of safe and effective bird control products. Our bird control experts are here to provide advice, training, and installation services for anyone needing to protect their property from birds. If you’re uncertain about which product will work best for your specific boating situation, our team can help you with product selection, installation and cleanup. Call us at 888-670-9701 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email us at

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