Canadian Geese  Goose Repellents that Keep Them Away

Canadian Geese Goose Repellents that Keep Them Away

Posted on June 18, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Goose Control

Summertime is vacation time for many. This includes the Canadian Geese. They will find a property they like, and will stay around for a while, unless they are persuaded to go elsewhere. They need persuading, too, because they can become very adaptable and also tolerant of all the activity around them. The Canadian Geese will look for a spot that has water. Canadian Geese are often seen on golf courses and can be quite a nuisance. They often find parks a very nice place to land and stay. Canadian Geese like to establish their territory, and they are good at it.

Other attractions besides the water are their wide variety of food options. Canadian Geese are herbivores meaning they eat vegetation. They are also grazers. They love to graze off the grassy areas near water. They will eat berries, seeds and cultivated food such as corn, oats, soybeans and millet. They travel in groups so the destruction can be hard and fast. This is why it is important to protect the property before they become a problem and before it is too late to salvage the area. Preparation is always easier then cleaning up in their wake. The ideal time to think about how the shrubs and crops can be protected from the Canadian Geese is when they are being planted.

Liquid Goose Repellent

One of the best ways to keep this lively pest away is to use a liquid goose repellent. The Migrate Goose Repellent spray is a repellent that is a non toxic liquid made from grape extract. Geese do not like the taste and smell. Once you have sprayed the concentrate of one part repellent and 20 parts water, not even rain or watering will wash off this goose repellent. Two applications will last for up to three months, and will protect the area that you want forbidden to the geese. You do not need to be concerned about harming the property or persons. It is totally non-toxic to humans and animals. It just makes the area very uncomfortable for the geese.

Sound Goose Repellent

If you are in need of protecting a large area of land and crops the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic would be very beneficial and will get rid of geese from the area. This device can cover an acre of land and even more with additional speakers that can be purchased. The sound goose repellent acts as a scare device by sporadically playing the distress and predator calls of the Canadian Geese. When they hear the distress calls they automatically move on and away from the perceived threat. The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic unit is easy to install and program. It will not wear in the weather either because it is sun and weather resistant. It can be programmed to play day or night or both, depending on the amount of need you have.

Getting rid of geese with these simple to use goose repellents will offer protection from the contamination their droppings can leave behind such as an excess of bacteria including E. Coli. and salmonella. Using products in combination with each other is always a good idea. Along with the sound repellent, a visual deterrent would be ideal.