Do Bird Spikes Hurt Birds?

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Do Bird Spikes Hurt Birds?

Posted on July 13, 2022 by Bird B Gone in Bird Deterrents

Do Bird Spikes Hurt Birds?

Do bird spikes hurt birds? Pain is not the goal; bird spikes are an anti-roosting device that thwarts birds’ efforts to land and roost by making it impossible for their feet to reach the flat surface. When it comes to bird spikes, it’s all about frustrating the birds so they will go someplace else.

At Bird B Gone, we're a firm believer in deterring birds without hurting birds or putting them in harm's way. Bird Spikes do just that, they simply get in the way of birds when they attempt to land, gently persuading them to move on. Let’s take a closer look at the trouble pest birds cause and why bird spikes are the solution.

Pest Birds

Birds are well known and well-loved for their flying; who doesn’t enjoy seeing a graceful bird? Unfortunately, birds don’t spend all of their time flying; they also spend considerable time loitering in areas where they don’t belong. Roosting is the word used to describe loitering birds, and the sight of a flock of roosting pigeons on a roof line or a family of roosting seagulls on a dock railing is anything but magnificent. The fact is roosting birds are a mess.

Roosting and the “Ick” Factor

Why are roosting birds such a problem? First, it's important to distinguish between the occasional visiting blue jay and the large group of returning birds. Groups of birds of the same species repeatedly gather together in a chosen area when triggered by an environmental signal such as nightfall, rainfall, tide changes, or even observed human behaviors such as outdoor lunchtime at a school or cleanup time at a fish market. (If you’ve suspected that birds are watching you, you’re probably right.) Communal roosting provides several significant benefits to birds, including easier foraging, improved heat regulation, and increased protection from predators. When communal roosting takes place in the birds’ natural habitat, it’s totally fine.

But, wherever you have roosting birds, a trail of bird poop is sure to follow. The larger the flock, the larger the pile of droppings becomes. This can reflect poorly on your business, making your valued patrons uncomfortable and potentially even sick. It doesn’t take long before popular roosting areas can become overrun with trails of bird droppings and debris. Permanent damage can arise if not cleaned in a timely manner and even worse, your reputation can potentially be ruined.

What’s the solution to filthy bird messes?

Bird Spikes to the Rescue

By far, the best way to prevent disgusting and costly bird damage is to strategically employ physical barriers that prevent those awful pest birds from roosting. Bird spikes are a gentle, humane way to let birds know that an area is off limits to roosting.

Bird spikes are a time-tested solution to the problems caused by roosting nuisance birds. In addition to providing lasting protection against roosting birds, they are easy to use and easy on the eyes, a powerful and effective combination.

A Humane Solution

Before we get too far into the many advantages bird spikes offer, it’s important to thoroughly address the obvious question: do the spikes hurt birds? Chances of a bird hurting themselves on a spike are highly unlikely. Here’s why:

Safe Design

The design of the Bird B Gone spike system is benign. Spikes from Bird B Gone are dull and somewhat flexible; contact with spikes is uncomfortable, but harmless.

Frustration, Not Pain

The spikes work as a deterrent by preventing the birds’ feet from reaching the surface and making any kind of roosting impossible. Pain is neither the intent nor the method. Frustration is the goal and bird spikes are very frustrating.

Visual Ruse

You and I know the spikes aren’t dangerous, but the birds don’t. Birds are pretty savvy about avoiding danger and, when they see spikes, they know to stay away. Most birds will never even make contact with the spikes. They may flutter above the spike a few times but will quickly decide to move on to a more desirable location.

For these reasons, you can install Bird B Gone bird spikes on your property with a completely clear conscience.


DIY Spikes

You might be tempted to create your own spike system. The internet is full of not-so-great ideas for DIY bird spikes. But beware; poorly designed, ill-considered DIY spikes have the potential to harm the birds and you. It’s a far better choice to install perfectly safe, exceptionally effective bird spikes from Bird B Gone.

Other Deterrents

Bird spikes from Bird B Gone are a great solution. But are there alternatives that are equally effective? Spectrum V gel dishes are another choice that deters roosting on flat surfaces. They install quickly and work well, but they are a temporary solution. Gel discs need to be replaced periodically and will require more work for you to maintain than spikes. Bird Wire & Bird Jolt Flat Track are both great alternatives if you are looking for a permanent solution similar to spike, but require a little more prepping, planning, and expertise when installing. If you’re on the fence about spikes, talk to a member of the Bird B Gone team for more information.

Advantages Of Bird Spikes

Bird Control Spikes offer a number of distinct advantages when it comes to controlling pest birds. These include the following:

Bird Control Spikes Are Effective and Safe

Spikes work to deter birds by preventing them from roosting comfortably. When birds try to land, the spikes prevent them from getting a foothold without getting prodded uncomfortably in the bum. Spikes are available in different lengths; the bigger the bird you need to deter, the longer the spikes need to be. It’s important to know that painfully impaling the birds is not the aim of spikes; bird spikes have dull tips that will not harm birds. The long spikes simply serve to completely keep the birds’ feet from being able to reach the surface, thus preventing any kind of roosting.

Bird Spikes Are Easy to Install

Spikes come in preassembled, flexible strips that are generally around 2 feet in length. For permanent installations, simply pipe a line of recommended adhesive down the glue channel at the bottom of the strip and press into place. For temporary installations, strips can be nailed, screwed, or even tied down with plastic zip ties. Although professional installations are preferred, bird spike installation is well within a competent DIYer’s skill level as long as safety precautions are taken.

Bird Spikes Offer Lasting Protection

Bird control spikes will protect the area for years, with almost no maintenance. Strips are designed to withstand harsh, changing weather conditions without degradation or loss of protection.

Bird Spikes Have Little To No Impact OnThe Surrounding Area

Bird spikes from Bird B Gone don’t interfere with electrical or communication transmissions. They are visually unobtrusive, especially from a distance, and are available in different colors for even better blending. The only thing you’ll notice once bird control spikes are installed is the absence of birds.

Bird Control For Bird Lovers

Bird B Gone bird spikes are a humane solution to the difficult problem of nuisance birds. Our carefully designed spike systems create frustration and effectively discourage birds from roosting on your property. The harmless spikes look a bit intimidating to birds and make roosting impossible without hurting you, your property, or, most importantly, the birds. The birds will simply choose someplace else to roost and be perfectly happy.

Bird B Gone is your #1 resource for a full range of humane bird control solutions. We’re here to solve your bird problems and protect our feathered friends. Call us today to discuss how we can help you get rid of nuisance birds and keep them away.