Food Warehouse Inundated with Birds? Time for Bird Netting!

Food Warehouse Inundated with Birds? Time for Bird Netting!

Posted on May 26, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Bird Netting

Pigeons and other birds love to enter food warehouses through big bay doors that are often left open for loading trucks and pallet jacks. Birds will loiter in the upper rafters and beams inside and wait for closing time to swoop down and peck open boxes, cartons and bags of food. They will feast on the food and leave disease-carrying droppings in their wake. Result: major food loss expense (and possible health code violations). Solution: bird netting.If you're tired of trapping, shooting and manually removing birds and nests, you need some professional bird control. One bird deterrent that has proven to keep pest birds out of warehouses is bird netting. Here are some smart choices you should consider:

For Large Bird Control Needs--Bird Net 2000 Heavy Duty Netting

Ideal for deterring birds from large warehouses, overhangs, rooftops and eaves, Bird Net 2000 Heavy Duty Bird Netting is rot proof, water proof and flame resistant. Its tough UV-stabilized polyethylene mesh is ISO 1806 and 9001 Protocol mesh tested, temperature stable (-250F to 270F), and non-conductive. Its available in stock sizes and custom cuts up to 200 ft. Choose from three different mesh sizes 2", 1 1/8" and 3/4". The 3/4" mesh is ideal for most birds. Its also backed by a 10-Year Guarantee and comes in black, stone or white.

For High Strength Bird Control--No Knot Netting

Few things get through No Knot Bird Netting. This tough, UV-protected netting is unusually light, yet it has a 50-pound break strength, thanks to a resilient multi-strand polypropylene fiber. Its also flame resistant and can tolerate wide temperature swings from -250F to 338F. Choose from two different mesh sizes 2" and 3/4". No Knot netting is ISO 1806 Protocol mesh tested, backed by a 10-Year Guarantee, and hard to detect when installed. Similar to Bird Net 2000, No Knot netting offers effective bird control for warehouses, overhangs, rooftops and eaves.

Got Bats? Get Bat Netting

If you store food or other perishables in a dark warehouse, you may have bats. Bat Netting (or Bat Net) won't allow them to hang and hide in upper rafters and beams. Made of a knotted, UV-resistant monofilament polyethylene mesh, Bat Net is designed to block bats from entering the many dark nooks and crannies of your warehouse. It comes in a 3/8" mesh and different sizes: from 10' x 10' to 50' x 100' to meet your specific warehouse requirements. Its also backed by a 10-Year Guarantee.

Add Bird-Scape to Free You from the Trapped Bird Problem?

Birds sometimes become trapped in bird netting. Used to be, you had to untangle the netting and struggle to get birds out. No longer, thanks to a product called Bird-Scape. It prevents birds from being permanently trapped behind bird netting by allowing them to safely fly out of a funnel. Its the ideal companion accessory to any type of bird netting and installs easily using hog rings.

For additional advice on how to protect your food warehouse from birds, consult an expert like the folks at Bird-B-Gone.